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We've Tested Tayto Park's New Rollercoaster 'Dino Dash'..

Yesterday we had the absolute of pleasure being among some of the very first people to get to try out Tayto Park's brand new Family friendly Rollercoaster 'Dino Dash' ⠀

The new, recently announced, Coaster is a roar-some addition to an already brilliant theme park, it's aimed at younger dinosaur Park goers but is a lot of fun for everyone. It's got plenty of twists and turns, with speeds of up to 50kph and a height of 11.7 metres, just enough to give younger thrill seekers an exciting experience while not being too fast or furious for ones making the step up from smaller rides to rollercoasters. ⠀

The ride's design of a dino outbreak at a bubbling swamp is cool, with plenty of Jurassic creatures to spot along the way as you line up, including everyones old favourites like the T-Rex & Raptor, and more as you zip around on the coaster itself.

It's fun filled for kids, nostalgic for the adults, and exciting for dinosaur and thrill seeking fans alike.

Dino Dash is located opposite Flight School with an all new area including Ride Photography, Snackasaurus (the new concessions unit selling sweet treats, ice cream, slushies, hot and cold drinks etc), a Freestyle cup filling station AND Dino Bite (a brand new pizza hut coming the end of April)

Height Requirements for Dino Dash:

• 0.95m – 1.2m - accompanied⠀

• Min height 1.2m unaccompanied⠀

• Max height 2m⠀

An All Access ticket is required to board this attraction which costs €37 Online and €45 On the Door

A big thank you to the Team at Tayto Park & Presence PR for inviting us, as always it was a pleasure to spend the day at this almost hidden gem of a theme park!⠀

Go check it out (if you book online you save 20% on tickets!) Visit for more information.

Slán go fóill,



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