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Whiskey Write Up | James J. Fox Irish Whiskey

This week saw the release of a brand new whiskey to the market, James J. Fox Batch Number 1 Blended Irish Whiskey, and one that's gone on my list straight away.

Personally speaking, I don’t like to rate whiskeys as I think it's a little crass, especially as it's just one person's opinion.. and we know everyone has their own preferences etc! However, if I was scoring whiskeys, this one would be at the top end of the scale for me, it's absolutely beautiful drop of Whiskey, and a great entrance to the market from the guys at James J. Fox's

For anyone not familiar with James Fox's, the Cigar & Whiskey Bonders have been on Dublin’s Grafton Street since 1881. A must visit establishment for any whiskey or cigar fan!


This blend consists of 80% Re-Charred Grain, 10% Sherry Malt and 10% Peated Malt, the liquid being from the Great Northern Distillery.

It's refreshing to see the transparency with provenance and blend proportions included on the labeling. ⠀

The liquid itself is quite pale, containing no added colouring, which is a joy for Whiskey Geek like me. I was dying to open this as soon as it arrived, and the aroma was straight up pleasant and sweet. Lots of honey, caramel and a hint of peat. The taste is where this beauty shines, the sweetness of a lemon meringue alongside a toasted Malt creaminess, short spice and a beautiful gentle peat that finishes long & creamy with a little citrus.⠀⠀

Limited to just 1,000 Bottles, each bottle is numbered, and priced at €64.99 a bottle. This is well worth the money in my opinion, it's a very easy drinker with all the complexity you want from a "mid-range" whiskey. The subtle peatiness just works so, so well. Big kudos to the guys at James J. Fox for selecting this as their first bottling.⠀

ABV 46% | 70cl ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Heavy honey, creme brûlée, baked goods, hint of peat, pine spice, lemon meringue, rubber, white grapes, burnt marshmallow. Palate: Gentle peat, spice, soda bread/rye bread, toasted malt, lemon dessert. Finish: Long, spicy, dry yet creamy, fresh, citrus, malt bitterness towards end.

For more information on this, and portfolio, visit


Whiskey Weekly is proudly associated with where you can purchase (wax sealed) 50ml Samples to try before committing to a full bottle, a fantastic way to try new whiskeys!

Slán go fóill,


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