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Whiskey Write Up | The Liberator Storehouse Special Port 'N Peat

This week's 'Whiskey Write Up' is The Liberator Whiskey's latest Storehouse Special, and a very intriguing one!

The Liberator Storehouse Special Port n’ Peat is a blended Whiskey with a high Malt content (43%) including 2015 & 2016 Malt from Great Northern Distillery (of which 5% is Peated) and a small amount of 2006 Malt from Cooley.

The Grain is largely comprised of 2015 Great Northern with an element of 2010 Cooley Grain. The younger Malts were finished in really fresh Tawny Port casks, the younger Grains in Ruby Port casks.

I'm a big fan of The Liberator Tawny Port Finish and Port Cask finished Whiskey in general, so to see a Peated element involved nervously excited me. However there was nothing to be nervous about as this is a beautifully well balanced drop with neither the Port or the Peat overpowering each other.

On the nose the Peat is gently apparent with some fruity tones coming in. There's a beautiful creamy, butterscotch mouthfeel with a rich full bodied fruitiness. Hints of Dark Chocolate and Peat see this one finish out long and dry. All in all a fantastic addition to Wayward Irish Spirits' Portfolio.

This is available in The Liberator’s signature 350ml Storehouse Special format, very well priced at around €35 per bottle, definitely worth trying while it's still a available. There's only 400 bottles though, so act fast!

Whiskey Weekly is proudly associated with where you can purchase (wax sealed) 50ml Samples to try before committing to a full bottle, a fantastic way to try new whiskeys!

Tasting Notes: Nose: Rose water, ripe cherries, cinnamon and red fruits. Palate: Summer fruits, berry jam, vanilla cream, soft orchard fruits with honey notes. Finish: Spice, dry tannins, toasted oak and lingering, warm wood notes

ABV 46% | 35cl⠀⠀

For more information on this whiskey, and Wayward Irish Spirits Portfolio visit


Slán go fóill, Danny

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