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Whiskey Write Up | Wise Owl

Up next for a 'Whiskey Write Up' I've gone for a Whiskey that was only released earlier this year by Listoke Distillery, Wise Owl Whiskey (WOW for short)

WOW is a great abbreviation for this one, because it's a genuine little cracker! I was only recently made aware that Listoke had released a Whiskey, as they are already famed for making excellent Gin I was excited to see what their Whiskey release would be like. It's a Triple Distilled blend of Grain, Malt & Peated Malt, finished in Imperial Stout casks. Sourced from Great Northern Distillery and hand bottled & labeled at Listokes Distillery in the Boyne Valley, Co Louth.

I was excited to pour this one, the liquid is quite light as there is no colouring added, showing it's young age a little but that's not important! On the nose, it's soft with a little cherry sweetness. Followed up by a taste of sweet vanilla, dark chocolate and toffee. The Peated Malt comes through beautifully at the end, with a hard toffee creamy mouthfeel. Lovely long finish on this, leaving you wanting more long after you've had the final sip. Top marks Listoke!

All in all this, for me, is a fantastic Whiskey and a great entry to the Whiskey side of the market by Listoke Distillery, who have already established themselves as a dominant force in the Spirits industry with the biggest Gin Distillery in Ireland. Price wise it's also fantastic, €35 for a young whiskey that has the depth and maturity of other, older releases.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: A slightly sweet, cherry scent with hints of spice that lasts until the first sip.

Palate: Smooth and sweet with vanilla overtones to start, some spicy tones with rich chocolate and toffee.

Finish: Soft smokey finish that lingers, plenty of creamy toffee tones.

For more information on this Whiskey, and Listoke Distillery, visit

Slán go fóill,

Danny 🥃


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