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15% Discount code for GoMunch Goodies!

The legends over at GoMunch Goodies have given me a promotional code to share, for you use on their website..

For anyone who doesn't know who or what GoMunch is, basically it's Ireland’s first confectionary delivery service.. and these guys work their butts off every evening, delivering snacks to your door from 7pm to 2am mid-week, and 7pm to 3am on the weekend's!

Think of an evening you're sitting at home, or working late/night shift, or hosting a party or get together. You're watching decent TV and think "I could do with a munch right now", trying to get through another late night or want to drop some snacks on the table in front of your guests.. well, this is where GoMunch fits in perfectly.

Obviously we all have done this with take away food etc over the years, but have you ever rummaged the press looking for something 'nice' and thought about hitting the late opening shops or garages for a treat? Well you don't have to with theses guys.

I'm obviously a big snack fan with a sweet tooth, so when I seen their page pop up on Instagram this year I was intrigued straight away. I've ordered from many 'Candy' sites before, but they're generally ones that take a day or two to deliver. With GoMunch you get the same service you would get with a Chinese or Off License order, only these guys are pretty sharper with their delivery times! They have a cracking stock line up, some old classics and some hot favourites. They have everything covered from crisps and dips, biscuits, chocolates and some healthy snacks too.

I've ordered when the football is on in the evenings, the lads got the order out nice and quick so it's a very good servicebeing provided. Whether you're watching midweek Champions League football, I'm a Celebrity, Strictly Come Dancing, binging on a Netflix series or just find yourself feeling peckish on a random night, whatever, you should definitely give these guys a shout!

They have kindly give me a discount code to share with you, seeing as I'm a snackaholic (and started the @IrishSnackaholic page on Insta recently), I have a 15% off all orders code for you, simply use the code SNACKAHOLIC in the shopping cart when ordering.

When I found out these guys were in Swords Co. Dublin, it was music to my ears. Now more than ever it's important we support Irish and local companies, so go on, give them a try.. you won't be disappointed!

Check out their website

Also, give them a follow on Instagram for re-stock updates etc


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