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ALDI launches this year’s nationwide hunt for Chief Easter Egg Tasting Officers

ALDI is seeking three egg-ceptional candidates to fill its role of Chief Easter Egg Taster with hopefuls of all ages invited to apply for this cracking role. All that’s needed is a love of sweet treats, a thoughtful palate and a taste for new, exciting flavours!

Three lucky applicants will land this dream role and have the opportunity to taste and review ALDI’s range of Easter eggs. They will be asked to submit their thoughts on taste, texture, and appearance. This all-important feedback will be used to influence the selection available across Irish stores in 2025. No pressure!

Candidates will need to create a short audition video (approximately one minute long, recorded via smartphone) and submit it to explaining why they should be chosen for the world’s sweetest job. Entrants should include examples of their favourite ALDI chocolate and any other sweet tales that may help them pip others to the post. The deadline for entries is 15th March. Successful applicants will receive their products to sample from 20th March. So, what are you waiting for?

How to enter:

• Applicants should share a short (approx. one minute) video explaining why they should be appointed to the role of Chief Easter Egg Tasting Officer via

• Deadline for applicants is 15th March

• Successful applicants will be contacted by the 22nd of March

• Further details on how to enter can be found on the CEEO Page

• Terms and conditions apply. For full T&Cs visit$EJ@AIft7phd7r0.pdf

Fancy a taste of what this year’s Chief Easter Egg Tasting Officer will be sinking their teeth into? ALDI is your one-stop shop for chocolate eggs and confectionery this Easter season.

Check out the brand new Dairyfine Milk Chocolate Easter Egg €1.49. Plan the ultimate Easter egg hunt Dairyfine Easter Egg Hunt Kit €3.99. Make Easter egg-stra special with the Dairyfine Decorated Eggs €4.79, available in White Chocolate Rainbow Egg or Milk Chocolate Cookies & Cream Egg Unearth a selection of sweet treats inside the Dairyfine Piñata Egg €6.99.

This year sees the return of last year’s customer favourite Dairyfine Chocolate Sundae €8.99 - almost too pretty to eat! Want an Easter egg that’s light years ahead of the rest? Look no further than the giant Dairyfine Galeggsy Egg €13.99, perfect for budding astronauts.

Plus, ALDI has special offers across chocolate eggs between March 4th - 7th/March 18th - 22nd. You’ll find some of your family’s favourite big brands for just 99c including Cadbury Mini Eggs, Cadbury Button, KitKat, Smarties and more.  Now that’s egg-cellent value!

See below for full details on how to apply for this year’s Chief Easter Egg Tasting Officer role!

See below for a full list of Easter eggs available in ALDI stores nationwide this season:

Dairyfine Easter Chocolates in Net 79c (70g/84g) Choose from filled chocolate Easter Characters or Eggs.

Dominion Easter Sweets €1.19 (160g) Choose from Fizzy or Gummy.

Dominion Marshmallow Lolly €1.19 (45g) Choose from Chick, Lamb or Bunny.

Dairyfine Chocolate Lolly €1.29 (35g) Choose from Milk Chocolate Bunny, White Chocolate Mermaid, Milk Chocolate Dinosaur or White Chocolate Chick.

Dairyfine Easter Figurines €1.39 (100g) Choose from Milk Chocolate Eggs, Chicks or Bunnies.

Dairyfine Easter Bunny €1.49 (125g) Choose from Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate Popping Candy or White Chocolate Cookies & Cream.

Dairyfine Milk Chocolate Bunny €1.49 (100g)

Dairyfine Milk Chocolate Easter Egg €1.49 (82g) Choose from Chick or Bunny designs.

Dairyfine Eggjoyables €2.19 (144g) Choose from Choc Creme, Milk Creme or Cookies & Creme.

Dairyfine Mug Melt €2.29 (65g) Choose from Milk Chocolate Dinosaur, Milk Chocolate Chick or White Chocolate Unicorn.

Dairyfine Chocolate Character Tub €2.29 (125g) Choose from Bunnies, Chicks or Lambs.

Dairyfine Free From Hollow Character €2.99 (85g) Choose from Bertie the Orange Choco Bunny or Luna the White Choco Lamb.

Dairyfine Chocolate Puppy €3.40 (150g) Choose from Blonde Chocolate Golden Retriever or Milk Chocolate Marbled Labrador.

Dairyfine Easter Egg Hunt Kit €3.99 (340g) 25 milk chocolate eggs with one Golden Egg prize.

Dairyfine Hollow Character €3.99 (170g) Choose from Milk Chocolate Spikey the Shark, Marina the Mermaid or Herbie the Hedgehog.

Dairyfine Decorated Eggs €4.79 (200g) Choose from White Chocolate Rainbow Egg or Milk Chocolate Cookies & Cream Egg.

Dairyfine Free From Egg €4.99 (110g) Choose from Choco Eggstreme, loaded with white chocolate buttons and mini marshmallows or Choco Honeycomb.

Dairyfine 8-Bit Gaming Egg €6.49 (170g) Milk chocolate egg with exploding popping candy surprise.

Dairyfine Egg Hunt Pack €6.49 (600g) Bumper pack of milk and white foiled hollow eggs.

Dairyfine Egg & Plush Toy €6.99 (100g) A milk chocolate egg and plush toy. Choose from Herbie the Hedgehog, Marina the Mermaid or Danny the Dinosaur.

Dairyfine Piñata Egg €6.99 (300g) Milk chocolate egg filled with Easter gummy sweets and mini eggs. Wooden hammer included.

Dairyfine Chocolate Sundae €8.99 (225g) Choose from White Chocolate Strawberry or Caramel Milk Chocolate.

Dairyfine Galeggsy Egg €13.99 (600g) Giant milk chocolate egg with a white chocolate 3D rocket decoration and shimmering galaxy details.

Available on offer from March 4th - 7th/March 18th - 22nd:

Cadbury Buttons Medium Egg 99c (98g)

Cadbury Caramel Nibbles Medium Egg 99c (96g)

Cadbury Freddo Faces Medium Egg 99c (96g)

Cadbury Mini Egg Medium Egg 99c (97g)

KitKat Medium Egg 99c (129g)

Smarties Medium Egg 99c (119g)

In ALDI stores nationwide.

Slán go fóill.


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