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Alexa's 'Santa' features

Have you asked Alexa, how many sleeps there are until Christmas, yet? If you have a device with 'Alexa' enabled, and have small children in the house you should definitely check this out.

I stumbled upon this feature recently, and as we enter the final week of the countdown, you must check out the feature if you haven't already!

Asking Alexa questions is always fun, sure. But this is a pretty cool feature because it can be a little more interactive for the small ones, and it's not just Alexa we're dealing with..

Test it out and ask Alexa "How many more sleeps until Christmas?" or simply say "Christmas Countdown". This will prompt her to tell you there is "x days left until Christmas". The best part is she follows up saying she has a message from her friend Santa Claus! Santa comes in then with something short, fun, and interactive, so they get to answer him back and so on until he says "come back tomorrow for another update".

This is generally followed by Alexa asking if you want to;

Hear a Christmas joke?

Hear some songs by Santa?

Or she'll ask if you want to trigger another feature, like Track Santa.

This is all so cool, and you can get as little or as long out of it as you want. You can ask to find Santa and it will track him.. spoiler alert, he's in the North Pole!

You can also just ask her to talk to Santa and he'll interact with plenty of Christmas trivia.

And just incase you need to keep in tow this week, there's an option to ask Alexa to "call Santa", obviously he won't answer but you can 'leave a message' for him!

Hope you have lots of fun with it!

Merry Christmas,



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