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Bake up a storm with ALDI’s Bake Sale

From September 8th, ALDI is holding a bake sale with a difference. From baking equipment and must-have utensils to fun accessories and kid-friendly kits, you will find everything you need to create your very own showstopper from scratch.

Causing a stir! Head to your local ALDI store to pick up premium baking equipment designed to help simplify home baking. Mix things up with the Kenwood Hand Mixer €21.99. Lightweight yet powerful, this compact kitchen tool is ideal for folding, mixing and whisking.

For the kitchen sidekick you never knew you needed, look no further than the Classic Stand Mixer €59.99. Suitable for mixing, kneading and stirring, this game changing device helps take care of some of the more time-consuming (and tiring!) elements of baking, giving you more time to focus on the fun bits instead - like decorating and eating! Available in chic colours like peach, basil green and cream, it’s a welcome addition to any kitchen counter.

Make a bake for it! ALDI has all sorts of tools and accessories to help elevate your baking game. Emulate the professionals with must-have Baking Utensils €2.99 like whisks, pastry brushes and rolling pins. Never be stuck for a baking tin again thanks to ALDI’s range of quality Bakeware €3.99. Stock up on handy and affordable Baking Accessories €3.99 like cookie cutters, cooling rack and flour sifter as well as the indispensable Glass Mixing Bowl Set €7.99. Get your cake looking its best with the Cake Decorating Assortment €9.99.

Have a blossoming baker at home? Nurture their talent with ALDI’s kid-friendly baking accessories. Dress for success with the adorable Kids’ Apron and Hat €6.99 - which includes a matching adult version! Watch as they experiment in the kitchen with the Kids’ Beginner Baking Set €10.99. It comes with an assortment of accessories including utensils, cooking cutters, cupcake cases and piping bag.

If your little one is a fan of ALDI’s ever popular Cuthbert the Caterpillar, you’re in luck! Recreating this bestseller at home is a piece of cake thanks to Silicone Baking Moulds €5.99, available in a range of shapes and sizes. Pick up the Caterpillar Mould tray and have a go at making your very own mini-Cuthbert. Just don’t be surprised if the cake mysteriously grows legs and disappears as soon as it reaches the kitchen table!!

Whether you’re the next Mary Berry or are still making your way through the Home Economics syllabus, there’s something for every baker in ALDI.

See below for a full list of baking products arriving in 151 stores nationwide from September 8th:

Decorated Kitchen Towels €2.39.

Baking Utensils €2.99

Choose from Silicone Whisk, Pastry Brush, Turner, Spoon, Palette Knife or Rolling Pin.

Scented Cake Tin Candles €3.79

Fill your home with delicious aromas. Choose from Chocolate Cake, Lemon Drizzle, Victoria Sponge or Salted Caramel. Burn time up to 48 hours.

Bakeware €3.99

Quality bakeware with 2 layers of non-stick heat resistant coating. Oven safe to 220°C. Choose from Spring Form Cake Tin, Loaf Tin, Loose Base Square Tin, Baking Sheet, 12 Hole Muffin Tray or Loose Base Sandwich Tin. Available in silver or rose gold.

Baking Accessories €3.99

Choose from Reversible Round Cookie Cutters, Mixed Cookie Cutters, Cooling Rack or Flour Sifter.

Silicone Baking Moulds €5.99

BPA free. Choose from Caterpillar Mould Tray, Mini Cupcakes, Mini Load, Cake Pop Mould or 2 pack of Silicone Baking Sheets. Available in grey or pink.

Baking Book €6.99

Choose from The Great British Bake Off – A Bake for All Seasons, Mary Berry Fast Cakes, Love to Bake or The Big Book of Amazing Cakes.

Kids’ Apron and Hat €6.99

100% cotton. Includes matching adult Apron. Choose from Baking, Sprinkles, Rolling Pin Stripe or Lemons designs.

Glass Mixing Bowl Set €7.99

Set 3 pack of glass mixing bowls. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Includes Small, Medium and Large bowls.

Cake Decorating Assortment €9.99

Choose from Cake Turntable or Premium Icing Set.

Kids’ Beginner Baking Set €10.99

Includes Rolling Pin, Pastry Brush, Spatula, Whisk, Spoon, Plastic Cookie Cutters, Cupcake Cases and Piping Bag. Choose from Shapes, Dinosaur or Unicorn.

Kilner Sourdough Starter Kit €19.99

Everything you need to make a sourdough starter. Includes 2 Kilner Jars, Stainless Steel Measuring Lid, Silicone Spatula, Stainless Steel Lid, Rubber Bands, 6 Labels and Recipe Booklet.

Kenwood Hand Mixer €21.99

Lightweight, compact and precise Hand Mixer. 300W. Slow start speed. Multiple speed control allows for easy adjustments perfect for folding, mixing and whisking. SureEject tool. Integrated cord wrap.

Classic Stand Mixer €59.99

Powerful 800W motor. Suitable for mixing, kneading and stirring. 6 speeds plus pulse function. Non-slip feet. Dishwasher safe, non-stick accessories include Flat Beater with silicon lip, Whisk, Dough Hook and Splash guard with filling hole. Available in peach, basil green or cream. Approx. 5 litre stainless steel bowl with handle. Approx. 2.6 litres max.

The above products are available in 151 ALDI stores nationwide from September 8th.

Slán go fóill.


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