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Causey Farm's Ice Cream Adventure.. Visit While You Can!!

We had the pleasure of visiting Causey Farm's Ice Cream Adventure recently and it exceeded all expectations, as the kids put it "we were very impressed"!

From the Farm to the Irish Myth Storytime Train, the Pedalos to the Giant Bubbles, the extremely tasty ice cream and everything in between, Causey Farm has it all piled in for an awesome Family day out.

Located in Fordstown, Co. Meath (C15 P83R) Causey Farm's Ice Cream Adventure is open until Aug 28th, simply a must during the summer holidays!

As soon as you step in the gate, you'll have the option of taking a couple of paths in a self led tour.. spoiler alert, no matter which way you go first is going to be awesome!

There's a map inside the gate that has a QR code so you can keep it handy on your phone.

The whole experience is fantastic, but there is a focal point to it all.. the delicious ice-cream. You can decided to take a right and start the journey with it, or go left and indulge at the end, OR.. slip back for it half way through, it's up to you!

We set out to the left on a glorious sun shining afternoon and headed towards the Train & Pedalos. On the way we stopped by a petting farm, held rabbits, chatted with goats and felt sorry for a heifer in calf that wasn't really loving the heat!

We hit the Train first, and without spoiling it or giving too much away, the Irish Myth Storytime Train is a very cool, tractor led, Train. It takes you through the woods as you listen to the legends of Irish heroes’ including Fionn and the Salmon of Knowledge, Cú Chulainn and the Wolfhound & Oisín in Tír na nÓg to name but a few!

There's plenty to do and see en route and in between, from spotting the Three Little Pigs houses (a fun put stop for the kids to play!) to venturing on a 'Where's Wally' maze and even digging your own potatoes, there's fun activities around every corners!

The Pedalos are a fantastic addition, they are an additional €5 per boat on top of your ticket price, but they are totally worth it!! (Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult and wear a life jacket). There’s a lovely little lake, (well, decent sized actually), with plenty of room to roam around for a while.. just don't peddle too fast and wear yourself out ha!

For us the Pedalos were a big highlight, and after very graciously disembarking the boat we heading to the close by Dominoes for some building and downtime. On then to even more activities like Welly Throwing, Giant Bubbles and spotting Troll & Fairy Houses along the way. As I've mentioned, it's entirely up to you as to what path you want to take and what activities you want to do etc. But for us, we left the epic Ice Cream until the end.

Boy was it worth the wait! Your ticket entitles you to 1 scoop of delicious ice-cream with a topping of your choice and wafer.. I went for Rum & Raisin with Rainbow Sprikles!

The fact that it's served in an 'eco-tub' is pretty cool too, you can eat it when your done. Or, you can pop it in the bin as it's fully compostable.

Can't recommend it enough for a fun day out! I've put a snippet of our day together with a Reel over on Instagram, check it out here.

Tickets are €14pp (Children under 2 go free) available at, go check it out, you won't regret it!!

Special thanks to the gang at Causey Farm for having us.

Slán go fóill.


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