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Celebrate International Middle Child Day with a trip to ALDI’s Middle Aisle

It’s never easy being stuck in the middle - especially the middle of the family! It is no surprise then that according to ALDI research, 40% of middle children say there are more drawbacks than benefits to being a middle child.

To celebrate International Middle Child Day today, (August 12th), ALDI conducted research to better understand the experience of being a middle child. It found that middle children can feel hard done by in the sibling stakes with 56% saying they received less attention from their parents growing up and 51% saying they got in more trouble than their siblings.

Moreover, just 29% believe they got away with more than their siblings and only 26% describe themselves as attention seekers.

While being a middle child may come with it's downsides, it does appear that it can also have a positive influence on a person’s outlook and attitude with 75% of middle children saying they are better negotiators than non-middle children and 69% believing themselves to be better peacekeepers and mediators.

It seems that most middle children come to embrace their identity in adulthood with 54% saying they feel more comfortable as a middle child now that they are older. And despite everything, most middle children say they wouldn’t have it any other way with only 33% saying they would prefer to not have been the middle child.

ALDI believes that the middle is the place to be. That’s why you will always find brilliant bargains in your local store’s middle aisle. From sport necessities and Baby Essentials to the Purrfect Pet accessories and homeware needs, you’re bound to unearth unexpected gems at unexpected prices!

See below for just some of the products available in stores from August 18th:

Love Your Earth Pillow Pair €12.99

Made from recycled plastic bottles that are converted into special fibres to create a soft filling for these comfy pillows.

Tummy Time Roller Mat €14.99

Choose from Tummy Time Roll or Zebra Tummy Time, suitable from birth, or Water Mat, suitable from 6+ months.

Comfy Sofa Pet Rug €24.99

Absorbent. Machine washable. Non-slip backing. Available in dark or light grey. Approx. 100 x 170cm.

Azzurri Helmets, As worn by TJ Reid €39.99

Certified IS355. Available in blue, black, pink, red or green. Sizes Small or Medium.

For more information on all the amazing products available in 150 ALDI stores nationwide, visit

Slán go fóill.


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