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Celebrate Thai New Year with a SPLASH!

What is Songkran and how can we celebrate it?

Celebrated from 13th-15th April, Songkran is the Thai New Year celebration that’s sure to make a splash. Also known as the water festival, Songkran typically sees people line the streets of Bangkok’s infamous Kho San Road as it's closed for a city wide water fight, there are deeper running traditions that are adhered to across both Thailand and the rest of the world.

Meaning passing or approaching, the celebration is an important time in the Buddhist calendar. Water and the splashing of it symbolises the washing away of sins and bad luck upon entry into the new year. The significant holiday – like new year celebrations around the globe – is a time for new beginnings and to start again. Rituals involving elders in the family take place over the weekend, one being whereby younger family members sprinkle water over their hands.

In Thailand, the five main regions of the country come together to celebrate Songkran and taking part in activities such as making tungs (flags) and preparing water for the above mentioned Rot Nam Dam Hua ritual, where young people prepare scented water with which to wash their parents’ or elders’ hands to ask for blessings. Family feasts are prepared and shared over this special time as well, and a lot of people return to their home towns to celebrate.

The traditions alter slightly throughout the different regions of the country, but they all come together for this special time of year to share in the festivities – its also the high season in Thailand, so water fights provide a welcome relief from the sun.

Khun Kim, founder and owner of Thai Leisure Group is bringing the celebrations into her restaurants this year! She’s encouraging those who haven’t, to come in and try their sharing options and are offering a second cocktail free at all sites! Head into a Chaophraya or Thaikhun site between the 13th and 16th of April and you can share in some of the traditions practiced in Thailand by blessing a Buddha to bring good fortune into your Thai New Year!

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Slán go fóill.


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