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Denny Survey Reveals ‘Ham & Cheese’ is Ireland's favourite Toastie Combination

Iconic food brand Denny has been at the heart of Irish family homes for more than 200 years. Their new campaign 'Grand, Dad' reminds us that, sometimes, the most comfort is derived from comforting others – particularly when they need it most.

This beautiful portrayal of a new Grandad trying to find his place in the whirlwind of a new baby’s arrival home beautifully illustrates how the simplest of things can be just what you, or indeed someone else needs, in that moment.

By using strong and emotional storytelling, this new campaign aims to help us all rediscover the joy and comfort of life's simple pleasures. And what’s simpler and more pleasurable than a delicious ham and cheese toastie.

So, that spurred on Denny to find out what makes the ultimate Toastie! The survey revealed that 38% of people think Ham & Cheese is number one combination when it comes to toasted sandwich fillings, followed closely by Ham, Cheese, Tomato and Onion!

70% of people chose white bread over brown bread, with 57% of people always enjoying their toastie with a packet of crisps!

A toasted sandwich maker is the preferred method of making the perfect toastie (46%), followed by popping it under the grill (28%), frying it on the pan (26%) and finally, using a regular toaster (10%).

58% of people enjoy their toasties between 1pm and 4pm, with only 3% choosing to have one after midnight as a snack!

We’re not a modest bunch, with 62% of people insisting that they make the best toasties themselves, followed by their mum (13%), other half (10%) and Dad (5%). Granny, aunts, children and friends trailed behind in the toastie making stakes!

Treating yourself to a toastie after a long day at work was a top choice (62%) when people were asked the ideal time/moment they’d like to be handed a toastie. This was followed by returning from living abroad (16%), and as portrayed in Denny’s new Ad, bringing home a new baby (8%).

Take a look at the heart-warming ad and when making your next toastie remember, Only Denny Will Do!

Slán go fóill.


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