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Dry January options at Aldi

Hands up who's decided to give Dry January a try!?.. OK, I don't have mine up (years of working in the Alcohol Industry will do that to you!) but I know there are many of you who have decided to try cut back their alcohol intake a little this month after, perhaps, some over indulgence at Christmas.

Well, for those not taking part (including myself) or for those that are, Aldi have a great range of Alcohol Free products available for you to try.

Choose from a wide selection of white wines and sparkling rosés, beers, lagers and ales, enjoy all the taste and flavour of your favourite tipple, without the alcohol. They’re guilt-free, lower in calories and cheap too! So wether it's wanting to cut back on the Alcohol (and maybe hangovers!) or you're craving the taste now that you're 2 weeks in but want to see through an Alcohol free month, then below are some of the products you may want to go give a try.

Dry January can now be 'Try Something New January'.. I'll definitely give some of these a go...

Zero Point Zero non-alcoholic Sparkling White €2.94 | 75cl.

ABV 0.05%


Zero Point Zero non-alcoholic Sparkling Rosé €2.94 | 75cl.

ABV 0.05%


Heineken 0.0 €5.90 | 6 x 330ml.

ABV 0.00%


Rheinbacher Premium Pils €3.92 | 6 x 330ml.

ABV 0.00%


Baltika Beer €1.36 | 470ml.

ABV 0.5%


Roadworks non-alcoholic IPA €1.26 | 500ml.

ABV 0.5%


Sainte Etienne Lager €0.97 | 500ml.

ABV 0.00%


You can also get adventurous, with non-alcoholic mocktails and try this Aldi New Year Cocktail, based on the Zero Point Zero Sparkling Rosé..

Perfect for a special occasion, or just as a treat.


• 1 Clementine

• 15ml Lemon juice

• 20 Raspberries

• Rosemary sprigs

• Ice

• Zero Point Zero Rosé


1. Keep 2 clementine segments to the side and juice the rest.

2. Put the squeezed juice, 15ml lemon juice, 20 raspberries and the rosemary sprigs (keeping a couple aside for decoration) into a cocktail shaker. Half fill with ice and shake well.

3. Strain into glasses and top with chilled Zero Point Zero Rosé.

4. Garnish with rosemary and clementine segments.

Visit one of Aldi's 145 Stores Nationwide to check out the full Alcohol Free range.

Special thanks to Presence PR for the above information.

Slán go fóill,



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