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Glassbag – your home entertaining essential

The downside of entertaining is often the sheer amount of bottles that are left for the host to recycle! From just €8 a month with an annual subscription, you can have up to 60 bottles or jars, collected from your door and recycled! Easy peasy. You’ll even get a text the evening before your collection date. And there’s always the option to add an extra bag for collection, very handy for big parties or BBQs!

Or why not be the very best guest, and gift your host a Glassbag! (BYOGB - Bring Your Own Glass Bag!) For a €14 one off charge, your host can fill the Glassbag, enter their details online, and then leave the bag outside to be collected on the appointed day. It’s as simple as that. To buy a once off Glassbag as a gift simply visit and the bag will be delivered to you. For €5 you can order an extra bag – handy for big parties or BBQs!

Recycling your empty bottles  and jars is important, but a nuisance for most for us. With Glassbag, the work is done for you! Simply sign up to your preferred level and frequency of service for one or more bags monthly. Fill your Glassbag, and leave it outside on the date notified. Your glass waste will be collected and recycled, and your empty bag is ready to start filling again. Simple, a time saver, and eco-friendly too!

Currently operating across all of Dublin and parts of  Wicklow, Meath and Kildare, the Glassbag service area is expanding regularly.  To check for your area, and sign up, simply visit the website and select your preferred plan

• Once-Off - €14 for bag and collection (€5 per extra bag)

• Monthly - €10 euro per month (€2 to add extra bag to subscription)

• Annual - €96 euro for the year (€20 extra bag for the year)

Sign up and Glassbag will deliver a bag within 7 days.  You can keep track of your collection day on the online calendar (, but you’ll also be reminded by text the night before. Simply leave your Glassbag outside, and it’ll be emptied and returned to your doorstep.

Be the host with the most! Or the very best guest! See for more.

Slán go fóill.


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