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Iceland Ireland Brings The Chill Factor With Retro Ice-Cream Favourites

A late summer heatwave has officially landed on Irish shores and Iceland Ireland has the perfect chill factor with its exclusive range of retro ice-cream favourites.

Whether you are a child of the eighties, nineties, or noughties, the Capri Sun was a summer outing staple, that has transcended through generations of Irish families. Even today, no beach picnic box is complete without the iconic juice drink.

Now Iceland Ireland has answered every Capri Sun lover’s dream by creating an iced version of the classic, free from artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives. Sharing a taste loved by all ages, the classic pouches are getting an icy upgrade, Capri Sun Freezies (€4.50, 12pk).

Fans of the iconic ‘Slushie’ iced refresher drink will be delighted by Iceland Ireland’s exclusive range of Slush Puppie Ice-cream (€3.50, 500ml tub). Pairing the famous slushie drink’s refreshing taste with a classic frozen dessert, the range is available in deliciously fruity strawberry, red cherry cola and raspberry slush flavours. Whether you pop a scoop in a bowl or on a cone, this mouth-watering classic is the perfect way to round off a day at the beach or a BBQ in the summer sunshine!

The exclusive Slush Puppie range also includes Raspberry & Strawberry Splits (€3, 6pk), Lemon and Strawberry Spirals (€3, 5pk), Strawberry and Blue Raspberry Fusion Lollies (€3, 6pk) and Strawberry and Raspberry Push Up Ice-pops (€3, 5pk) varieties.

Perfect for family outings or evenings in the garden, Iceland Ireland also has the Big Value Pack Ice Lollie Ranges which contain a whopping 16 iced delights, available in a variety of flavour offerings including Fruit Splits (€4, 16pk), Cherry & Raspberry Sourz (€4, 16pk), & Strawberry Splits (€4, 16pk) for just €4! An even bigger bargain buster option for those who love a refreshing frozen treat is the Big Value Pack Bubblegum Lollies (€4, 20pk), which is also only €4 for twenty delicious ice-creams!

The fun doesn’t stop there. Shoppers can taste the rainbow with Skittles Rainbow Wild Berry Ice Cream (€4, 4pk).

Ice Lollie fans will be thrilled to see new Iceland exclusives in the form of Swizzels Drumstick Squashies Ice Lollies (€3, 4pk) and Swizzles Parma Violets (€3, 4pk).

Visit for more ice-cream inspiration and for details of Iceland Ireland’s new online home delivery service. All of Iceland Ireland’s delivery vans are fitted with temperature-controlled technology to ensure food arrives in perfect condition.

Iceland Ireland now has an online shopping offering, please visit the website to avail of this service from select stores.

Slán go fóill.


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