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Krispy Kreme invites you to indulge this Father’s Day with their new limited-edition range

It’s time to celebrate your Father, Grandfather, Father-to-be, or Fatherly role model with Krispy Kreme’s exclusive new chocolate box indulgence doughnuts.

Available from the 12th to 18th of June, Krispy Kreme is unveiling three square-shaped doughnuts inspired by popular chocolate box flavours, to help the nation unbox joy this Father’s Day.

Show them how much they mean to you this Father’s Day with the Love You a Choco-Lot doughnut, a chocolate-filled journey from the first bite to the last.

For those who enjoy a citrus tang, Simply the Zest is a chocolate orange-inspired delicacy that is sure to delight.

There’s even You’re the Nuts, which combines chocolate and hazelnut to deliver the nutty flavours typical of a chocolate box.

Whether close or far away, gift the special someone in your life a choco-treat for Father’s Day available at Krispy Kreme shops or for delivery through 

Savvy shoppers can spruce up their gifts this year with the Feature 4 pack. Made fresh daily, and with the same delicious taste that Krispy Kreme fans know and love, the range is available across Krispy Kreme shops, supermarket cabinets, Tesco, Circle K, Plaza Group locations, Apple Green, and Center Parcs.

The best way to spread and unbox joy throughout June:

LOVE YOU A CHOCO-LOT (from €3.75) - Double the indulgence with white chocolate flavoured Kreme AND chocolate truffle fillings. Hand dipped in chocolate icing, with white and dark swirls and topped with a white chocolate inclusion - it’s a choco-lot indeed!

SIMPLY THE ZEST (from €3.75) - A smooth chocolate orange filling, coated in chocolate and topped with orange curls and coating lines, Krispy Kreme brings to life a classic flavour.

YOU’RE THE NUTS (feature pack exclusive) - With a chocolate and hazelnut filling, it’s simple but rich. Covered in white coating and dark and milk chocolate waves, and hazelnut nibbles it would be nuts not to try it!

Feature 4 pack (from €12.50) - Including 1x Love You A Choco-Lot, 1 x Simply The Zest, 1 x You’re The Nuts, and one fan-favourite Lotus Biscoff doughnut.

Enjoy these enticing treats for a limited time only from the 12th until 18th of June.

More information can be found at 

Slán go fóill.


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