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Krispy Kreme is giving away up to 22,000 Doughnuts to Football Fans across Ireland's WWC Match days

As Ireland fans gear up to cheer on their team on the world’s biggest stage this weekend at the FIFA Women’s World Cup, Krispy Kreme is lining up a month of winning deals giving more football fans a chance of getting in the box. 

With matches being played in Australia and New Zealand, Irish fans will be tuning into games in the morning - the perfect occasion for a mid-morning doughnut and a cuppa.


So, to help viewers get the most out of this year’s tournament, Krispy Kreme will be giving away FREE hot drinks and Original Glazed sharer Dozen on match days, with up to 22,000 free doughnuts up for grabs if Ireland progress all the way to the final. 


During the group stage and the round of 16, all fans have to do is and be one of the first 11 customers in store to request the ‘Brew-tiful Game’ offer to claim and be one of the first 10 customers in store to claim a cuppa and an Original Glazed dozen to share with their fellow fanatics! 


As the competition progresses, so do the number of chances to grab free doughnuts on match days. If Ireland progresses to the quarter-finals, the first 20 customers in store can redeem a free hot drink and Original Glazed sharer Dozen. If the team makes it to the semi-finals, there will be 30 chances per store to claim the prize.


Finally, if our Girls in Green go all the way to the final, each shop will be giving away 50 hot drinks and Original Glazed sharer Dozens, helping football fans raise their spirits in the hope of a historic win!


Here’s hoping for a successful year for the Irish team, as more matches mean more opportunities for doughnut lovers to enjoy a free OG Dozen and cup of tea to sit back and enjoy the brew-tiful game. 

This promotion entitles the first 10 customers to request the ‘Brew-tiful Game’ promotion to one Original Glazed dozen plus one regular-sized hot drink of choice. In locations that do not serve hot drinks, the promotion applies to the Original Glazed doughnut dozen only. Visit to see locations with coffee.

Slán go fóill.


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