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Monaghan based Old Carrick Mill Distillery have announced the release of their first Limited Edition Gin, infused with honey from their very own hives on site!

This Exclusive Batch of only 600 bottles, each individually labelled and numbered, will be available through independent off sales and specialist shops from late September.

Steven Murphy, Master Distiller said;

‘Old Carrick Mill Distillery has always aimed to keep a strong focus on our surrounding area, so it seemed a natural fit to infuse honey from our own hives in to our gin.

Bee-keeping, in particular a species native to Ireland, has been an important addition to the site, playing our part to benefit the local ecosystem.’ *

Old Carrick Mill gin uses a blend of 10 botanicals, infusing the classic juniper, lemon and cassia with a number of unique elements such as pear, cucumber and black tea.

‘Infusing our honey with the original Old Carrick Mill Gin results in an additional touch of rich honey sweetness, as well as a floral note, from the local flora, in particular, wild heather, found in Monaghan’s beautiful rural landscape.’

Old Carrick Mill is an artisan Distillery, operated on the site of an old flour mill, dating back over two centuries, in the rugged landscape of Ireland’s Ancient East, near Carrickmacross, County Monaghan. Visit for more information on the Distillery.

Old Carrick Mill Honey Dew Gin is recommended to be served over ice with a premium tonic, or ginger ale, with a large wedge of orange.

*Native to Ireland, the Black Irish Honey Bee, has adapted to suit the local climate and thrive on wild heather, found in abundance in the Monaghan countryside, producing a unique floral honey, a perfect addition to Old Carrick Mill Gin.

Old Carrick Mill gins, and May-Lóag Whiskeys and Gins are distributed by Anzac Wines and Spirits in Northern Ireland, and through various wholesalers within the Republic of Ireland, including Celtic Whiskey Shop and Classic Drinks and are available through independent off sales across the Island of Ireland.


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