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Make a Good Start Better with Linwoods

Linwoods plan to embrace their consumers already planned good start to the new year by simply helping them to make their good start better. Linwoods aim is to enhance the health and wellbeing of consumers through nutritiously dense, healthy foods using the finest organic quality ingredients and sustainable production methods.

Linwoods see themselves as part of consumers healthy lifestyles and want to support users to make good choices both in diet and activity. With the turn of the new year many people will be considering taking on or continuing to make positive lifestyle choices. They invite consumers who’ve made that decision to make their already good start even better by introducing Linwoods nutritious seed range to their food and especially at breakfast time demonstrating how incremental improvements can benefit their life and health.

"We want to make it easy for everyone to access nutrient rich seeds, fruits and nuts which are full of natural plant goodness", says Patrick Woods, Director of Linwoods. "Because it’s the small things we do every day which can have the biggest impact on our health and wellbeing".

And to make sure that Linwoods range of health foods can be enjoyed by as many people as possible, they are all gluten free, suitable for vegetarian diets and organic materials are sourced where possible.

Get your free starter pack of Linwoods products by registering at and share your breakfast recipes tagging @LinwoodsHealthFoods on Instagram and using the #MakeBreakfastBetter to win lots of great prizes this January including Nutribullets, Air-fryers and a Kitchen Aid.

Check out these tasty recipes to help make that Good Start Better...

Basic Flax Porridge

Preparation Time - 3 minutes

Cooking Time - 5 - 8 minutes

Servings - 1


• 60g jumbo porridge oats

• 1 heaped tbsp Linwoods Milled Flaxseed

• ¼ tsp cinnamon

• 2 tsp maple syrup

• 160ml water

• 120ml oat milk

• Pinch of salt


1. Add all ingredients to a pot. Bring the mixture to a boil, reduce to simmer and allow to cook, stirring often until it reaches your desired consistency. Depending on the oats and how you like yours cooked it usually falls somewhere between 5 and 8 minutes.

2. Alternatively you can cook these in the microwave for about 2.5 minutes.

3. Top with berries, nut butter and more milled flaxseed!


Berry Smoothie Bowl

Preparation Time - 5 minutes

Servings - 1


• 1 ripe banana, preferably frozen in chunks

• 125ml unsweetened coconut milk or non dairy milk of choice

• 200g frozen mixed berries

• 2 tbsp Linwoods Flaxseed, Sunflower, Pumpkin, Sesame and Goji Berries

• 2 tbsp peanut butter or almond butter


1. Blend together the banana, coconut milk, berries, 1 tbsp of the flax and 1 tbsp of the peanut butter in a high speed blender.

2. Pour into a bowl, top with fresh berries, peanut butter and reserved flaxseed.


Yoghurt Bowl

Preparation Time - 3 minutes

Cooking Time - 3 minutes

Servings - 1


• 2 tbsp of Linwoods Flaxseed, Nuts and Q10

• Handful of strawberries

• Handful of blueberries

• Handful of kiwi

• Handful raspberries

• 3 tbsp of dairy free yogurt


1. Chop the strawberries, blueberries, raspberries & kiwi and add to a bowl.

2. Top with dairy free yoghurt and 2 tbsp of Linwoods Flaxseed, nuts & Q10


The Healthy range of products from Linwoods are available online and in stores nationwide, check here for a list of stockists.

Slán go fóill,


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