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Red Hare - catch it if you can!

Two Irish classics have come together at last! Mad March Hare and TK Red Lemonade have teamed up to create arguably the most deliciously Irish drink of all time with 'Red Hare', a mix of Irish Poitín, Red Lemonade and bitters.

For a limited time, consumers will be able to find 330ml cans (5% ABV) at selected retailers for €4 (RRP)

Red Hare’ takes advantage of the growing consumer demand for both Irish Poitín and ready to drink formats and taps into our nostalgia with the combination of TK Red Lemonade, the abiding memory of so many Irish occasions. This ready-to-drink can is best enjoyed chilled (or served over ice with a slice of lemon for those with notions!). It’s perfect for summer, and makes the most of Ireland’s national spirit – which has long been denied its rightful recognition!

Mad March Hare has been on a mission to take Poitín global! It’s already winning the hearts of mixologists with its unique characteristics and versatility, seeing it increasingly take centre stage on cocktail menus and mixed drinks. After 300 years of existing in the shadows, at long last poitín is finally taking its rightful place on backbars and in cocktail cabinets.

Colin Staunton (Global Brand Director, Mad March Hare) said “We couldn't be more excited about launching the 'Red Hare' into the Irish market, and just in time for those elusive warmer days. Poitín is rightfully taking its place at the top table of Irish spirits and this limited edition collaboration with TK, one of Ireland's most iconic brands, will show its versatility to a new generation of Irish consumers. We can't wait to hear back from the Mad March Hare and TK fans throughout Ireland and we hope they enjoy it just as much as we do!”

Patriece Dwyer (Marketing Manager TK) said “At TK, we're excited to join forces with Mad March Hare to unleash 'The Red Hare' onto the Irish scene. TK Red Lemonade holds a special place in the hearts of Irish families, evoking memories of gatherings and celebrations. By partnering with Mad March Hare, we're merging this beloved Irish classic with the rich tradition of Poitín, creating a drink that embodies the essence of Irish hospitality and nostalgia. We look forward to seeing fans 'share the hare' and enjoy this delicious limited-edition combo.”

Throughout the promotional period, consumers will be encouraged to 'share the hare' on social to be in with a chance to win a Mad March Hare goodie bag.

Available across selected retailers now.

Slán go fóill.


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