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Run In The Dark 2020

So I've completed my first Run In The Dark tonight and I'm actually delighted to get back out at it!โ €

I literally didn't train/practice once (not advised!๐Ÿ™ˆ) It took me 43mins to jog/run 5k, a good 15mins off what my previous standard was. But seeing as I haven't run in roughly a year, and it was mostly against heavy wind, I'm happy with it! I'm definitely using this an a benchmark now to get moving again, with an aim of absolutely smashing the time I've set for next year ๐Ÿ’ชโ €

This year I've eaten my way through lockdown's, and not moved nearly as much as I should have. That's going to change, and this fun run was the perfect kick up the backside I needed to set me back on the path to full fitness.

The Run In The Dark is a great initiative, raising money for the Mark Pollock Trust, and getting us moving on cold winter evenings. Kudos to all involved in making it happen, here's hoping next years event will be back to normal with a crowd of us running the streets of Dublin together!โ €

For more information on the Run 8n the Dark & Mark Pollock, visit

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