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Sweet Spirit of Summer - cocktail

I've wanted to try make something refreshing, summery, and incorporate jam into the mix! Also wanted something easy to make, with accessible ingredients at home. So I put this together yesterday, try it and see what you think... let's call it 'Sweet Spirit of Summer'

Ingredients; 🥃60ml Poitín 🍓30ml Strawberry Jam Syrup* 🍋20cl Lemon Juice 🍯Teaspoon Honey

To make; Put all the above ingredients, with some ice, into a cocktail shaker (or well sealed jar/container). Shake well and serve over some ice cubes👌

*To make the syrup, combine 20ml of Water and 10ml of Strawberry Jam in a pot or saucepan. Bring it to the boil, stirring to loosen and liquidise the jam. Remove form heat and once cooled, strain to remove any residue. I used Teeling Whiskey's Spirit of Dublin for this, a flavourful Poitín with a nice little bite of 52.5% ABV



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