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Tayto launches new limited-edition Mighty munch flavoured crisp

Mr. Tayto is known and loved for his iconic crispy creations and his latest release may be the mightiest combination of his career. In this milestone year, as Tayto celebrates 70 years, Tayto is delighted to introduce the brand new, limited edition that celebrates the Tayto crisps and snacks range, Tayto Mighty Munch flavoured crisps.

As summer is heating up, so is Mr. Tayto! This limited edition crisp combines the unmistakable hot and spicy flavour of the Mighty Munch snack with the famous texture of Tayto’s original Irish crisp. The sizzling Mighty Munch flavour packs a punch and is guaranteed to delight the mighty crisp connoisseurs of Ireland.

Tayto’s Limited Edition crisps are hotly anticipated each year, the majority of Tayto’s limited edition crisps are snapped up in the first three weeks so crisp fans would want to run not walk to their shops to avoid FOMO!

The Mighty Munch flavoured crisp is available in on the go packs in shops nationwide for a limited time only. Get down to your local shop and grab a packet of a Mighty Mix to munch on while you can! (RRP: €1.25)

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Slán go fóill.


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