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Tesco Shares the #JOFM (Joy of Finding Money), Because Every Little Win Helps!

Tesco Ireland has announced that close to €1 million in Clubcard vouchers that were originally sent to customers in March 2021, are now set to expire on May 21st 2023. Tesco knows that every little win helps and to celebrate customers claiming a treasure trove of Tesco savings, they did a deep dive to learn more about what people do when they've experienced the joy of finding money. Here’s what they found …

Top three places to hide money

An old forgotten jacket, trouser pocket or wallet/purse are the top three places where we’ve discovered a little cash. Nearly one third (31%) will spend the found funds on a small treat right away, while a more sensible one in four (24%) add it to savings for a bigger treat and 20% of respondents would put it towards the weekly shop.

Quick spenders

For those who’ll spend it right away, chocolate, coffee and clothes are our top treats - 28% will spend it on a chocolate bar and 24% will get a barista coffee, while one quarter (25%) would treat themselves to something new for their wardrobe. But we also like to spoil others and nearly half of us (49%) would buy a random treat for a spouse or partner if spending it on someone else.

Every Little Win counts

If it isn’t finding a few forgotten euros, the next best thing is getting to the till and discovering an item has been reduced (34%), while one in five (21%) of us love receiving a random compliment, and for 14%, making every green light on the way to work sparks joy.

The survey also discovered that a whopping three quarters (75%) of respondents have lost or misplaced paper money-off vouchers. Tesco wants to make it as easy as possible for customers to use their Clubcard vouchers and is encouraging customers to download the Tesco Ireland app where all their vouchers will be saved in one handy place. Those who already have the app are being reminded to check it, as almost €1 million in Clubcard vouchers are set to expire on 21st May 2023.

Other little wins we love include getting to the bus stop just as the bus arrives (13%), filling your car with petrol/diesel to the exact amount you wanted (10%), getting the very last croissant left in the bakery (5%), and respondents aren’t very loved up - getting a match on a dating app (3%).

For those that like to stash a little cash, Revolut, or similar app, is the place to do it for under half (43%) of us, while 5% are more old school and prefer to hide it under the mattress!

Tesco Ireland has been working to further digitise the Clubcard programme and in recent months has made it easier for customers to access savings. Using the Tesco Ireland app, once a Clubcard customer has 150 points or more, they can now turn their Clubcard points into vouchers instantly.

Speaking today, Cathal Deavy, Customer Director, Tesco Ireland said, “Who doesn’t love a little win in life? Be it finding some cash in an old jacket pocket or a money-off voucher you forgot you had – it’s a great feeling. With nearly €1 million worth of Clubcard vouchers to be claimed before May 21st, we’re calling on customers to check their pockets, old envelopes, and their Tesco Ireland app, because there might be money to be found. And let’s face it, every little win counts!

Tesco Clubcard is free to join and enables members to collect points with their shopping at Tesco and with partners, Tesco Mobile Ireland and Certa forecourts and home heating oil. These points are converted into vouchers, and vouchers can be exchanged for greater than their value with the following Reward Partners: Tesco Mobile Ireland, Dublin Zoo, Milano, Disney+, ODEON Cinemas, The AA, Irish Ferries, Stena Line, Center Parcs, and Royal Caribbean International.

Customers can also donate their vouchers to Tesco’s charity partner, Children’s Health Foundation.

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Slán go fóill.


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