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Tesco Trends Reveals the Nation’s Love Affair with Ice Cream - Vanilla is not so Vanilla afterall!

The Irish have become accustomed to eating ice cream no matter the weather, but when it comes to summer, that’s when the real love affair begins. Today, Tesco Ireland has released new research that reveals the nation’s favourite ice creams of all time, the most sought-after flavour, and childhood memories that might melt your heart.

Not So Vanilla Afterall

With an infinite number of ice cream flavours and combinations available, we’re spoiled for choice. However, it looks like the Irish are fans of keeping it plain and simple. While 34% of respondents said that vanilla is the most boring flavour, 74% contradictorily said it was their overall favourite flavour when asked to select their top three. Surprisingly, strawberry came in second (57%) and raspberry ripple came in close third with 55%. It looks like the classic vanilla is having its moment – as the saying goes, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!’

Playing Favourites

Vanilla even plays a part in Ireland’s favourite ice cream, with the Classic Magnum taking the top spot when ranking the top three (81%), followed by an Iceberger (72%) and a Choc Ice (52%). In recent weeks, the country mourned the loss of the Choc Ice as it was announced that the much-loved classic is being discontinued after dipping in popularity.

However, it seems that they still hold a big place in the hearts (and mouths) of the Irish public, so Tesco own brand Choc Ices (RRP €2.50 / 2 for €4 Clubcard Price until 10/07/23) are here to fill the void! Other firm favourites in the top ice cream polls included blasts from the past like Wibbly Wobbly Wonders, Feast and the sorely missed Fat Frog.

Nothing Like Your Granny’s Ice Cream Wafers

We all have core memories about our childhood, and if you grew up in Ireland, some of those are sure to be based around ice cream. When asked what they remember most about growing up when it comes to ice cream, the majority of respondents (41%) said when an older relative would whip out the classic pint block of ice cream and make ice cream wafers - the excitement!

Others say it was the joy of walking to the shops with friends at least once a day to get ice cream (19%), followed by having a big bowl of jelly and ice cream after dinner (18%). If you want a bit of childhood nostalgia this summer, the Tesco Vanilla Ice Cream Pint Block (RRP €1.09) or Tesco Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream Pint Block (RRP €1.09) are the perfect way to transport you back to simpler times. What’s even better is these pink blocks are produced in Cork and are made using locally sourced milk from West Cork.

Aisling Pearce, Chilled and Frozen Senior Buying Manager at Tesco Ireland, said: “It’s great to see that vanilla is having the moment it deserves! It’s a real crowd-pleaser that our customers love and is especially handy in the summer months when we’re hosting get-togethers with different groups of friends and family. It’s an easy flavour to ‘dress up’ - add some sprinkles or sauces, or eat it with jelly or wafers, it’s very versatile. We’ve seen steady growth in the sales of the classic ice cream pint blocks that we all remember from our childhood, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon!”

Did you know Tesco has low-calorie ice cream?

For those watching their calorie intake but not wanting to miss out on the ice cream fun, Tesco has several alternatives to indulge in without feeling guilty. Most importantly, these products don’t compromise on flavour! 

Try out the Tesco Salted Caramel 500ML (€2.99), Strawberry Cheesecake 500ML (€2.99) or Chocolate Fudge Brownie 500ML (€2.99), all of which are produced in Ireland. Just look out for the calorie counter on the packaging.

For convenience, customers can shop online at or visit the Tesco Ireland app, available to download from IOS or Android app stores. Additionally, shoppers can save time by using Tesco’s Click and Collect service, which allows them to order their groceries in advance – ideal for pre-ordering when on the way home from the airport or while on a staycation.

Slán go fóill.


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