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The Irish Public are Nostalgic about Beach Days & ‘Sand-Filled’ Sandwiches according to Tesco report

Time is precious, summer is short. In recent years, we’ve certainly realised the importance of not taking anything for granted, and that life lesson doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. Today, Tesco Ireland has released new research revealing that what Irish people want more than anything this summer is to spend more quality time with family and friends.

Savour a Summer of Flavour

At the much-loved summer BBQs, a juicy burger came out on top as the Irish public’s favourite thing to eat (47%), followed by perfectly grilled chicken (22%) and a jumbo sausage or hotdog (15%). Tesco has everything you need to make sure you spend less time prepping, and more time together.

The Fire Pit range offers easy to cook BBQ favourites such as the Fire Pit 4 Quarter Pounder Beef Burgers 454G (RRP: €3.85/3 for €10 Clubcard Price until 12th September 2023), Fire Pit Mini Beef Burgers 400g (RRP: €4/3 for €10 Clubcard Price until 12th September 2023),

Fire Pit Hoisin Chicken Mini Fillet Kebabs 300G (RRP: €4/3 for €10 Clubcard Price until 12th September 2023) and Tesco Fire Pit 6 Jumbo Sausages 600G (RRP: €4/3 for €10 Clubcard Price until 12th September 2023).


The Sand to Your Ham Sandwiches

We all have core childhood memories, especially when it comes to summer and the challenges of trying to enjoy the outdoors with the unpredictable Irish weather. When asked what their standout childhood summer memory is, the majority of respondents (34%) said it’s of a typical Irish beach day – enjoying the pockets of sun while trying to avoid getting sand in your ham sandwiches! This is followed by eating ice cream at every opportunity (21%) and spending precious time with your family/friends for months on end while off school (17%).


With those school-free months, summers as kids meant no responsibilities. As adults, some of us might feel like life gets in the way, and summer can often go by in the blink of an eye. When asked what they hope to do more of this summer, almost a third of respondents (32%) say they want to spend more time outside while the sun is shining, spend more time with friends and family (24%) and explore Ireland more with staycations and road trips (18%).

Tesco has everything you need to create the perfect summer memories at home, at the beach, or on a staycation this year with all of the picnic essentials under one roof like the Tesco Finest Italian Antipasto Platter 188G (RRP: €6.50), fresh and creamy Tesco Finest Italian Burrata 250G (RRP: €4) and new Tesco Finest Crinkle Cut Prawn Cocktail Flavour Crisps (RRP: €2.25).

Only the Irish

Irishisms’ - a phenomenon unique to our little country. When asked what they think the funniest quirk about Irish people is when it comes to summer, over half of respondents (58%) said it’s complaining about the cold all year long, and then complaining that it’s too hot (something we’re all definitely guilty of), followed by walking around with sunburn or very obvious tan lines after the first day of sun (20%), and putting away all of the winter clothes when there’s two days of good weather in April, but the cold returns again until July (12%).

Make sure to keep unwanted wonky tan lines at bay and your skin safe from the sun with the Tesco Soleil Sun Lotion range including Tesco Soleil Sun Lotion SPF 50 200ML and Tesco Soleil Sun Lotion SPF 30 200ML (both RRP: €4), along with Tesco Soleil Kids Sun Spray SPF 50 200ML (RRP: €5). And for those who suffer with fear of being offline when they’re on the beach and away from a plug, the Trust Primo powerbanks and portable chargers will have you sorted. Choose from one of four options to choose from, starting with the Trust Primo 5.000 (RRP: €20/€15 Clubcard Price until 13th September 2023).

All items can be bought in store, or for convenience customers can shop online at, or visit the Tesco Ireland app available to download from IOS or android app stores. Additionally, shoppers can save time by using Tesco’s Click and Collect service which allows them to order their groceries in advance – ideal for pre-ordering when on the way home from the airport or while on a staycation.

Slán go fóill.


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