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The Stork has landed at Tayto Park: Three New Chicks Need Your Help Naming Them!

The World of Raptors at Tayto Park welcomed three baby storks this week at Ireland’s only theme park and zoo.

Eagle eyed adventurers may have spotted two busy storks building their nest on their platform over the past few months as they prepared for their newest inhabitants to hatch. Both mum and chicks are healthy and are settling into their new home.

The three chicks are currently growing and finding their strength before they’re ready to take flight with their older siblings. They will eventually feature in the World of Raptors display alongside some of the world’s most magnificent and majestic birds!

However before these chicks can soar the skies, Tayto Park is looking for help to name the three new additions! To be in with a chance to win a family pass to Tayto Park, the World of Raptors team are encouraging boys and girls – young and old  to head over to the official Tayto Park Facebook or Instagram page and comment with your suggested names under the storks imagery social post to be in with a chance to win. Tayto Park will contact a winner directly, competition closes Monday July 11th .

Storks are born featherless but these chicks are set to grow rapidly over the next few months as they settle into their new home, developing their distinct crisp white and black plumage as well as long slender red legs. When mature they will take flight with an impressive wingspan of 2 metres!

White storks are migratory birds, which means they will spend portions of the year in Europe while the weather is warm and food is available, they then fly to Africa and spend several months throughout the winter breeding season. Migratory behaviours are incredibly important because these species are responsible for connecting many ecosystems around the world.

However the long and tiresome migration of white storks and many other migratory birds can be perilous due to man-made obstructions along flight paths such as power lines, tall buildings and poaching.  These factors can have devastating impacts on the population, with tremendously large flocks travelling over a short period of time, many of these exhausted birds are prone to crossing the same hazards or threats.

Speaking about the exciting new arrival, Park and Zoo Manager at Tayto Park Lee Donohoe said: “What an exciting week at Tayto Park to be welcoming three chicks to our already thrilling World of Raptors display.”

See their storks, as well as eagle, hawks owls and much more take to the skies at the World Of Raptors at 1pm 2:30pm & 4pm each day until the end of summer!

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