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The Ultimate Chicken Tenders Recipe using TGI Friday's Crunchy Fries Extreme Heat Snacks

Check out this recipe for some mean Chicken Tenders I put together using TGI Fridays Extreme Heat Crunchy Fries from their new Snack Range that recently landed in Ireland.

It's a fairly simple recipe where I've used the Crunchy Fries instead of breadcrumbs, resulting in the most delicious tenders you’re going to taste!⠀ They take less than 10mins to prep, and a further 20-25mins to bake, so fairly quick and easy to put together.

What you'll need to make them is;⠀ • 1 pack of TGI Fridays Crunchy Fries Extreme Heat ⠀ • 1 pack of chicken breast mini fillets⠀ • 2 eggs ⠀ • Plain Flour⠀ • Sunflower Oil Cooking Spray⠀ • 3 bowls for preparing ⠀ Making these bad boys..⠀ • Pre-heat the oven to 180°⠀ • Add the flour to 1 bowl, beat the eggs in another, and completely crush some of the Crunchy Fries in the last bowl (use a blender, it saves time!)⠀ • Remove the tenderloin from the chicken for the best tenders that have no grisly bits (a how to is saved in my Instagram highlights so you can see how this is done) • Dip, and fully cover a piece of the chicken into the flour, then cover in egg, and finally in the crumbs.⠀ • Repeat until all pieces are fully covered. • Pop them into a tray and spray some Sunflower Cooking spray over them.⠀

• Bake for 20-25 minutes until golden brown⠀ • Serve up with some salad and wraps.⠀

To add an extra bit of magic to this recipe, add some TGI Fridays Onion Rings Corn Snacks on the side (absolute game changer if you heat them for a minute in the microwave before serving!)⠀

These are absolutely delicious, tender, full of flavour.. and inexpensive to put together, 100% worth trying! Let me know if you try them.

The TGI Fridays Snack Range are available nationwide, click here for a full list of stockists and more information on the range. ⠀

Slán go fóill,



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