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Untold Ukraine - A Collaborative Art Event Series taking place in Dublin from Friday 1st July

A Ukrainian creative collaborative announced today that they will be launching a series of art events in unique locations during the month of July in Dublin city.

Untold Ukraine includes a film festival at the Irish Film Institute (IFI), selected cultural events at the Space Between studios, a cinema ballet at Smock Alley theatre, and art exhibition with children’s art from Ukrainian bunkers at Glovebox gallery, a photography exhibition at Indigo&Cloth, some surprise culinary events, and to top it all off, an open sky exhibition throughout the streets of Dublin city.

Launched by Ukrainian Nastya Kharytonova and Katya Aleshnikova, it aims to tell stories about contemporary Ukraine, convey the richness and diversity of Ukrainian culture, and raise money for charity. The two Dublin residents are no strangers to such entrepreneurship having set up goodjob, a highly successful platform connecting war-torn Ukrainians with professional opportunities throughout Europe. While it came to organising an initiative in Ireland, however, they turned to what they cherish most about their country: its culture.

We wanted to raise awareness about Ukraine as a country and a nation through art & culture. We want to showcase the creativity and resilience of Ukrainian people in the face of this devastating war, but also share what we love about our country and what its rich culture has to offer” says Nastya Kharytonova.

It has been so difficult being far away from our families watching the Russian invasion of Ukraine on our phones and screens, we wanted to contribute to the national effort in some way. We have been greatly comforted by the generosity and willingness of Irish people to help and make this series happen, and we hope that it will help people better understand and appreciate our culture” says Katya Aleshnikova.

The programme will include:

• A Ukrainian film festival showcasing a selection of classic and contemporary Ukrainian cinema at the Irish Film Institute [July 2-27th] with opening Gala 2 July with Ukrainian ambassador. Tickets on IFI website

• A child art exhibition entitled ‘Children of Ukraine’ at the Glovebox Gallery with paintings and drawings from children in bomb shelters across the country [Mondays and Tuesday beginning of July]

• A special documentary film screening at The Space Between [17 July]

• A folk-improvisational film-ballet, ‘Vodurudu’ at Smock Alley Theatre [July 14]

• An evocative photography exhibition of a woman chronicling her escape from the Ukraine with her elderly mother, at Indigo&Cloth in Temple bar [15 July]

• A month-long open sky exhibition in Dublin (route to be published on

• A surprise culinary pop up

All tickets available on respective websites, and linked on

Who is behind Untold Ukraine?

Katya Aleshnikova and Nastya Kharytonova founded Untold Ukraine during the first month of the war. In the following weeks the ideas and plans gained momentum and developed into a true creative collaborative, which now includes 7 Ukrainians and two Irish people, living in Dublin and Kyiv. You can see their team here.

Why did they start Untold Ukraine?

Theywant to achieve two goals:

1. To share stories about Ukrainian art and culture, and raise awareness of the richness and diversity of our beautiful country.

2. Raise money for humanitarian aid, defense, and children. Our current goal is EUR 100,000 and you can follow our fundraising here.

How do they decide which stories to tell?

They want to show the diversity of Ukrainian art, that’s why they try to use different mediums - from films and ballet to photography and food. Theychose art forms that feel personal and close to our hearts, but also those that can help build a connection between Ukrainians and Dubliners. We hope everyone can find something new to love - be it a movie, a drawing, or a dish.

For more information see Untold Ukraine website:

Or contact Didi:


Slán go fóill.


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