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ALDI launches Mamia First Infant Milk - Ireland’s only own brand infant formula

In what is sure to be welcomed news to parents across the nation, ALDI is delighted to announce the launch of Ireland’s only private label baby formula Mamia First Infant Milk €8.99 (800g).

Suitable for both combination with breastfeeding and bottle-fed only babies, it will be available in ALDI's 161 stores nationwide from Monday 22nd April. Manufactured exclusively for ALDI Ireland, it is the only private label infant formula available to shoppers in Ireland.

It comes as new research shows that two-thirds (66%) of Irish parents with children aged four and under find it financially challenging to cover the cost of all baby products they purchase with this figure rising to 72% among parents buying infant formula. Parents who purchase infant formula are more likely to cut spend on other groceries to afford baby products.

The research was conducted as part of ALDI’s ongoing research of the Irish market to better and fully understand the wants, wishes, and struggles of consumers and particularly parents today.

It found that, on average, parents of young children are spending over €120 per week (€121.82) on groceries, with 70% (€85.47) of that weekly spend on baby products, including wipes and nappy sacks (92%); baby specific toiletries (83%); nappies (83%); baby food and snacks (74%); baby cleaning products (73%); and infant milk formula (39%).

The survey, conducted by Bounce Insights among 686 parents of children aged four and under,found that the vast majority of parents are shopping around for baby products based on special offers or deals.

This latest research and product launch follows the recent publication (20 March) of ALDI’s Mammies and Daddies Report which found that almost two-thirds of mums and dads in Ireland (65%) say thatbecoming a parent has had a negative impact on their finances.

Speaking about the launch of Mamia First Infant Milk, Colin Breslin, Managing Director Buying and Services at ALDI Ireland, said: “At ALDI, we are continually working to develop and expand our range of baby care products to fit the needs of parents across Ireland. That’s why we are delighted to bring the only private label baby formula to the Irish market, offering greater choice to parents and consumers."

"ALDI is acutely aware of the financial challenges faced by parents, particularly those who purchase infant formula, and remains committed to offering considerable savings across everyday essentials.”

In addition to Mamia First Infant Milk, ALDI is home to Ireland’s favourite own brand nappy range as well as a wide array of baby food, baby toiletries and more. That’s why it scooped the title of Family-Friendly Retailer of the Year at the National Parenting Product Awards 2023.

Mamia First infant Milk, €8.99 (800g) is available in 161 ALDI stores nationwide from April 22nd.

Slán go fóill.


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