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Baby Bliss! Bulk up your baby bag with ALDI’s Award Winning Mamia range from just 65c

With prices on the rise, ALDI is committed to providing parents with premium baby and toddler care without the steep price tag. Stock up on ALDI’s affordable Mamia range which offers incredible value and quality for your little ones!

Breeze through the bath and bedtime routine with the Mamia Baby Bath €0.65 and Mamia Baby Shampoo €0.65, which are blended with a no tears formulation and vitamin E to ensure your baby's skin and hair are nourished and protected.

Keep your baby happy with Mamia Nappy Cream €0.78 and nurture the planet while caring for your baby’s soft skin with Mamia Biodegradable Sensitive Wipes €0.99 (60 Pack). Mamia Ultra-dry Maxi Nappies Size 4 €2.79 (48 Pack) are suitable for babies above 7kg/ 15lbs. Mamia Nappies size 4 are guaranteed to keep them dry and comfortable with 2x faster absorbency and up to 12 hours’ day and night protection for only 6c per nappy!

When it comes to baby and toddler care, ALDI leads the way. That’s why ALDI was the most awarded retailer at the National Parenting Product Awards 2021. When it comes to your little one – ALDI strives to offer bumper savings on award winning products you won’t find anywhere else.

See below for a full list of products available in 151 ALDI stores nationwide:

• Mamia Baby Bath €0.65

• Mamia Baby Shampoo € 0.65

• Mamia Nappy Cream €0.78

• Mamia Biodegradable Sensitive Wipes €0.99 60 Pack

• Mamia Ultra-dry Maxi Nappies Size 4 €2.79 48 Pack

All of the above products are available in 151 ALDI stores nationwide.

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