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Celebrate spooky season in ALDI with fa-boo-lous Halloween decorations and fright night treats

Spooky season is officially upon us, and you know what that means - it’s time to stock up on your favourite treats, decorations and more! This year, ALDI is your one-stop shop for all things Halloween with a selection of frightfully good decorations and wickedly delicious treats set to arrive in stores nationwide.

Be the ghostess with the mostest! Whether you’re hosting a boo-jee soirée or expecting trick or treaters, ALDI has all the snacks, sweets and drinks you need to make it a Halloween to remember.

It wouldn’t be Halloween without monkey nuts, so pick up Monkey Nuts €0.79 in stores now at your nearest ALDI. From September 29th, stock up on premium minerals for less like Fanta Orange Zero €1.89 and Sprite Zero €1.99 as well as tasty snacks such as Doritos Cool Original €1.99 and Pringles €1.99.

From October 2nd, you will find even more big brand treats at jaw-droppingly low prices. Get munching on crisps like Rancheros €1.99 and Chipsticks €2.50. Plus make mega savings on soft drinks like a 12-pack of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Zero Caffeine for €6.99, 20-pack of Coca-Cola for €12.99, or a 24-pack of Diet Coke for €12.99. That’s scarily good value you won’t find anywhere else!

Haunted house vibes! Get into the spirit of Halloween and keep her lit with ALDI’s range of light-up decorations, available in stores from October 2nd.

Keep unwanted house guests at bay with the 2.1m Inflatable Scarecrow €49.99.

Put the creepy in “creepy crawly” and set spidery senses tingling with the 2.4m Inflatable Spider €49.99.

Give them pumpkin to talk about with the 2.1m Lit Inflatable Pumpkin Stack €59.99.

Be the ghoul-est neighbour on the block thanks to the 3.6m Lit Inflatable Ghost €69.99.

See below for a full list of Halloween decorations and treats arriving in ALDI stores nationwide:

In stores now:

  • Monkey Nuts €0.79 (150g)

From September 29th:

  • Monster Ultra Paradise €1.69 (500ml)

  • Monster Pipeline Punch €1.79 (500ml)

  • Fanta Orange Zero €1.89 (1.75 litres)

  • Doritos Cool Original €1.99 (150g)

  • Pringles €1.99 (165g) - Choose from Salt & Vinegar or Sour Cream

  • Sprite Zero €1.99 (2 litres)

From October 2nd:

  • Rancheros €1.99 (110g)

  • Sprite Zero €1.99 (2 litres)

  • Chipsticks €2.50 (7 x 28g)

  • Bumper Bundle €3.00 (9 x 18g)

  • Lucozade Sport €4.49 (4 x 500ml)

  • Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Zero Caffeine €6.99 (12 x 330ml)

  • Coca-Cola €12.99 (20 x 330ml)

  • Coca-Cola Zero Sugar €12.99 (24 x 330ml)

  • Diet Coke €12.99 (24 x 330ml)

  • 2.1m Inflatable Scarecrow €49.99 - Lit with 6 white LEDs. Approx. 5m cable

  • 2.4m Inflatable Spider €49.99 - Light up your decorations this Halloween with this inflatable spider. Features colour changing LEDs. Approx. 2.4m. Approx. 5m cable

  • 2.25m Lit Inflatable Pumpkin Stack €59.99 - Self inflating. Mains operated

  • 3.6m Lit Inflatable Ghost €69.99 - Impressively spooky inflatable ghost to give your guests a scare! Features colour-changing LEDs. Approx. 3.6m. Approx. 5m cable

Available in 152 ALDI Stores Nationwide from September 29th.

Slán go fóill.


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