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Enjoy a special Easter with ALDI’s delicious range of value eggs and confectionery

This Easter, ALDI is home to everything you need for a cracking family celebration! From novelty eggs, big brand favourites to dairy-free options and miniature sweet treats, ALDI has something to suit all tastes and dietary needs. Ensure you grab our mega deal on branded eggs for 99c from March 15th-31st.

Seeking some Easter delights? Indulge in our high quality ALDI’s Specially Selected range. The Specially Selected Ripple Egg €4.99 is a luxurious Belgian chocolate egg that comes in 3 unique, delicious flavours - an Easter treat with that added wow factor.

Surprise someone you love with a stunning Specially Selected Marbled Egg €8.99 or the Specially Selected Salted Caramel Crunch Egg €8.99, topped with salted caramel and filled with caramel-infused truffles.

ALDI was awarded the ‘Free From Retailer of the Year’ and is proud to stock a range of Free From Easter eggs, suitable for those with special dietary requirements. Highlights from the range include Dairyfine Free From Egg €4.99, in Choco Eggstreme or Choco Honeycomb, both loaded with flavour. For an egg-stra decadent treat, choose the Specially Selected Free From Egg & Truffles €6.99.

From March 14th, ALDI customers can pick up big brand Easter eggs for less, including the classic Mars Large Egg €3.99 and Skittles Large Egg €3.99. Make it an Easter to remember with a jumbo-sized Nestlé Extra Large Easter Egg €9.99 or the irresistible Cadbury Ultimate Egg €13.99, made for sharing with the whole family.

What are you waiting for? Hop to your nearest store today to explore ALDI’s egg-citing great value, great tasting Easter range!

See below for a full list of Easter egg products available in ALDI stores nationwide this season:

Dairyfine Easter Chocolates in Net 99c (70g/84g) Choose from filled chocolate Easter Characters or eggs.

Dominion Easter Sweets €1.19 (160g) Choose from Fizzy or Gummy.

Dominion Marshmallow Lolly €1.19 (45g) Choose from Chick, Lamb or Bunny.

Dairyfine Chocolate Lolly €1.29 (35g) Choose from Milk Chocolate Bunny, White Chocolate Mermaid, Milk Chocolate Dinosaur or White Chocolate Chick.

Dairyfine Easter Figurines €1.39 (100g) Choose from Milk Chocolate Eggs, Chicks or Bunnies.

Dairyfine Easter Bunny €1.49 (125g) Choose from Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate Popping Candy or White Chocolate Cookies & Cream.

Dairyfine Milk Chocolate Bunny €1.49 (100g)

Dairyfine Milk Chocolate Easter Egg €1.49 (82g) Choose from Chick or Bunny designs.

Dairyfine Bunny Feelings €1.59 (60g) Solid milk chocolate bunny shapes in novelty gift pack.

Dairyfine Easter Popcorn Slab €1.99 (100g) Choose from White Chocolate or Milk Chocolate.

Dairyfine Mini Filled Eggs €1.99 (100g) Choose from Peanut Butter or NEW Salted Caramel.

Dairyfine Eggjoyables €2.19 (144g) Choose from Choc Creme, Milk Creme or Cookies & Creme.

Dairyfine Mug Melt €2.29 (65g) Choose from Milk Chocolate Dinosaur, Milk Chocolate Chick or White Chocolate Unicorn.

Dairyfine Chocolate Character Tub €2.39 (125g) Choose from Bunnies, Chicks or Lambs.

Moser Roth Luxury Mini Eggs €2.69 (150g) Choose from Milk Truffle, Hazelnut Almond or Crispy Hazelnut.

Dairyfine Free From Hollow Character €2.99 (85g) Choose from Bertie the Orange Choco Bunny or Luna the White Choco Lamb.

Dairyfine Chocolate Puppy €3.40 (150g) Choose from Blonde Chocolate Golden Retriever or Milk Chocolate Marbled Labrador.

Dairyfine Easter Egg Hunt Kit €3.99 (340g) 25 milk chocolate eggs with one Golden Egg prize.

Dairyfine Hollow Character €3.99 (170g) Choose from Milk Chocolate Spikey the Shark, Marina the Mermaid or Herbie the Hedgehog.

Dairyfine Decorated Eggs €4.79 (200g) Choose from White Chocolate Rainbow Egg or Milk Chocolate Cookies & Cream Egg.

Dairyfine Free From Egg €4.99 (110g) Choose from Choco Eggstreme, loaded with white chocolate buttons and mini marshmallows or Choco Honeycomb.

Specially Selected Ripple Egg €4.99 (200g) Belgian chocolate. Choose from Milk with Honeycomb & Pretzel, White with Mango & Passionfruit or Dark with Coffee & Cocoa Nibs.

Specially Selected Luxury Egg Box €5.49 (144g) A giftable box of luxury chocolate eggs in a selection of flavours.

Dairyfine 8-Bit Gaming Egg €6.49 (170g) Milk chocolate egg with exploding popping candy surprise.

Dairyfine Egg Hunt Pack €6.49 (600g) Bumper pack of milk and white foiled hollow eggs.

Dairyfine Egg & Plush Toy €6.99 (100g) A milk chocolate egg and plush toy. Choose from Herbie the Hedgehog, Marina the Mermaid or Danny the Dinosaur.

Dairyfine Piñata Egg €6.99 (300g) Milk chocolate egg filled with Easter gummy sweets and mini eggs. Wooden hammer included.

Specially Selected Free From Egg & Truffles €6.99 (200g) Choose from Double Choc Brownie Marble Egg & Salted Caramel Truffles or White Lemon Drizzle Egg with Lemon Truffles.

Dairyfine Chocolate Sundae €8.99 (225g) Choose from White Chocolate Strawberry or Caramel Milk Chocolate.

Specially Selected Marbled Egg €8.99 (240g) Choose from Belgian Milk Chocolate and Valencia Orange or Belgian White Chocolate & Scottish Raspberry.

Specially Selected Salted Caramel Crunch Egg €8.99 (320g) Belgian milk chocolate egg with Salted Caramel pieces and 4 Caramel Infused Truffles.

Specially Selected Belgian Truffle Filled Eggs €9.99 (250g) Milk chocolate shell with bronze chocolate decoration, filled with 8 different flavoured Belgian chocolate truffles.

Dairyfine Galeggsy Egg €13.99 (600g) Giant milk chocolate egg with a white chocolate 3D rocket decoration and shimmering galaxy details.

Available from March 14th:

Easter Character Biscuit 99c (57g/53g)

Mars Large Egg €3.99 (201g)

Skittles Large Egg €3.99 (195g)

Kinder Surprise Egg €6.49 (100g)

Nestlé Extra Large Easter Egg €9.99 (230g/226g)

Cadbury Ultimate Egg €13.99 (372g/380g) Choose from Marble or Mini Eggs.

Available in ALDI stores nationwide.

Slán go fóill.


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