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Footlong Sidekicks arrive at Subway®

Following a successful launch in the USA, Subway® is releasing the Footlong Sidekicks range in restaurants nationwide from 5th June 2024 – giving fans more of what they love about Subway with a new perfect pairing for their favourite footlong, or as a sweet and savory snack any time of day.

The public asked, and Subway listened, footlong-ing one of the restaurant’s most iconic sides – the Footlong Cookie, which is designed for sharing with friends. Other new menu items from the Sidekicks range includes a Footlong Cinnabon® Churro with a morish caramel dipping sauce and savoury Footlong Dippers that come with three different flavours – Turkey & Cheese, Pepperoni & Cheese, or Triple Cheese, all of which can be paired with any sauce.

Subway fans went wild for Footlong Sidekicks when they first launched in restaurants in the USA in January of this year - with over three and a half million Sidekicks sold in the first two weeks of launch and the Footlong Cookie proving to be a real fan favourite!

The Footlong Sidekicks range, available from 5th June in Subway restaurants nationwide, are:

Footlong Cookie – thick, gooey and jampacked with chocolate chips – the iconic Subway cookie you love, just longer!

Footlong Churro – Cinnabon® churro sprinkled with Cinnabon®'s world-famous Makara® cinnamon and sugar. Baked to perfection and served warm with a new caramel dip – the perfect treat!

Footlong Dippers – tortilla wrap filled with delicious melted cheesy goodness and paired with a signature dip of your choice. Available in three flavours:

• Turkey & Cheese

• Peperoni & Cheese

• Triple Cheese

Also launching at Subway today is a new range called the All-Star menu, including a new & improved rotisserie-style chicken, chimichurri steak, a chimichurri sauce and a new potato side.

The full All-Star range is:

All-Star Chicken – Rotisserie-style chicken, streaky bacon, American-style cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, red peppers, red onions, crispy onions and garlic & herb sauce.

All-Star Chimichurri Steak – Philly steak, American-style cheese, peppered cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, red peppers, red onions, jalapenos, crispy onions and chimichurri sauce

Waffle Fries – Lightly seasoned criss-cut potatoes, with your choice of signature dip

Guests can enjoy 50% off Footlong Subs for a limited time only with the new Subway Rewards® App, with one available to claim every week until 30th June. Perfect for trying the All-Star menu range and pairing with a new Footlong Sidekick!

Rusty Warren, Senior Culinary Manager, at Subway® EMEA, said: “Footlong Cookies were in high demand when they debuted in the USA, and we’re super excited to finally be bringing them to Ireland!”

“The full Footlong Sidekicks range will be available in our restaurants nationwide from 5th June, including the highly anticipated Footlong Cookie, Footlong Cinnabon® Churro and a brand-new Footlong Dipper – packed with a choice of three fillings, loaded with cheese and perfect for dipping in any of our signature sauces. A great value hot snack that can be eaten on the go.”

“We saw unprecedented demand for the Footlong Sidekicks range on social media, and we can’t wait for our fans to try them, share them with mates, and discover that everything is better as a Footlong!”

To find your nearest open Subway store, visit

Keep up to date on all things Subway over on their socials:

Instagram: @subway_ukIreland

Slán go fóill.


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