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Happy In Their Nappy! ALDI’s Mamia Air System Size 6 Nappies (30 Pack) are only €1.79*

Toddlers are little balls of energy. That means they need optimum protection day and night. Thanks to ALDI’s Amazing Grocery 6 Offers, parents can ensure they stay fresh and dry throughout the day!

As part of ALDI’s commitment to keep prices low on everyday products, Mamia Air System Size 6 Nappies €1.79 (30 Pack) are on offer (down from €2.99) from next week. That’s a whopper saving of 40%! Tailor-made for little ones over 16kg/35lbs+, these nappies promise fast absorption, an even distribution of liquid and best of all, no sagging! They also offer protection for up to 12+ hours, meaning your toddler can stay dry and comfortable as they run around, play and sleep! Last year, Mamia Air System Size 6 Nappies won gold for Best Disposable Baby/Toddler Nappy at the National Parenting Product Awards. ALDI was the most awarded retailer at the 2021 NPPAs. The Mamia range won 6 gold awards for products, including Mamia organic Baby Food Range and Mamia Ultra-Dry Air System Nappies size 6+. 

ALDI scooped 7 silver awards for products including Lacura Baby Sun Lotion SPF 50+, and 4 Bronze awards for products including Mamia Extra Sensitive Baby Wipes, proving that when it comes to baby and toddler care, ALDI is in a league of its own! *The Mamia Air System Size 6 Nappies €1.79 (30 Pack) are available in 150 ALDI stores nationwide from Wednesday June 8th - Tuesday June 21st while stocks last.


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