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Holland & Barrett launches all new food range, ‘Food That Loves You Back’

Holland & Barrett, Europe’s leading health and wellness retailer, has announced the relaunch of it's entire food range with Food that Loves You Back, marking the biggest transformation of it's food category to date. Available in-store now, the all-new delicious food range is bursting with nutritional benefits and proudly features products from 10 new Irish food suppliers.

Developed by a team of scientific experts, nutritionists, and chefs, the innovative new range in Ireland includes over 250 products including entirely original own-brand lines developed from scratch. Strong partnerships have been cultivated with 10 new Irish artisan food suppliers, all of whom share H&B’s passion for wellness and have contributed to the diverse range of products across various categories, including Harry’s Nut Butter, Solaris, Healy’s Honey, and more.  

The collection features a market leading range of food tailored to specialist dietary requirements and wellness goals. It includes a market leading range of healthy snacks, dozens of food cupboard items to help customers create healthier solutions. It is all designed to complement customers’ weekly grocery shop with simple, easy swaps that are packed with nutritious benefits – it's food that helps you feel as good as it tastes.  

Holland & Barrett takes the lead as the first major high-street retailer to introduce 'Plant Points' on food labelling, encouraging customers to incorporate a diverse range of different plants into their diets for comprehensive well-being. ‘Plant Points’ has been designed to complement customers’ weekly grocery shop with simple, easy swaps. Crafted by H&B's expert nutritionists, chefs, and in-house specialists, new food and food supplement ingredients are packed with nutritious benefits with that support gut health, women’s health, immunity, energy and more.

Adam Moore, Director of Stores in ROI, Holland & Barrett, comments:

"At H&B, our commitment to healthier food runs deep in our DNA. Combining over 150 years of heritage in nutrition with cutting-edge healthy eating trends and culinary expertise, we've crafted a unique range that's both nourishing and delicious – it's food that loves you back. From catering to specialised diets, food allergies or intolerances, our inclusive range ensures everyone can enjoy tasty meals. Plus, we're proud to introduce 'plant points' on our food labels, encouraging customers to embrace plant-based diets for overall wellbeing. We are thrilled to introduce this new range and share our expertise with our growing Irish market."

The new range which is now available in-store nationwide and online sees many first-to-market finds at H&B including the first ever Dark Apple Cider Vinegar (RPR €7.80) on the high street – using double the number of apples than the light version to result in a more intense, rich and sweet vinegar.  

H&B’s exciting new store cupboard range includes a flavour-filled 8 Plant Pasta Sauce (RPR €3.89) and H&B’s take on Baked Beans with Benefits (RPR €2.59).

There’s also moreish Brownie Bites with Benefits (RPR €1.95) containing one billion friendly bacteria to support gut health, and snackable Mixed Nuts and Raisons (RPR €5.19) with added iron to help reduce tiredness and fatigue.

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