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LYONS Tea announces - ‘We're Square’ with New Look, New Shape.. and same Great Taste

This October, LYONS Tea is hitting store shelves with a complete brand refresh that includes a striking new logo, improved sustainable packaging, and, brace yourselves, square tea bags.

The award-winning blend has been adapted to provide the best-ever flavour release- meaning that the rich, full-bodied flavour and much-loved LYONS essence, which has been putting the talk into tea since 1902, is still at its heart.

The decision to move away from the traditional pyramid to square tea bag design was made to improve both material and quality, champion an eco-friendly approach with less packaging required from field to shelf, as well as to deliver the quality LYONS experience that consumers know and love.

Behind the packaging

Behind this refreshed look and feel, is the rollout of new sustainable packaging. This is stronger and more durable on shelf, and designed to have no plastic overwrap. It is fully plant-based and recyclable, and 33% more compact than the current box, so it can fit in the kitchen cupboard more easily.

Inside the bag

The blend has been adapted on a particle level to suit the new bag shape, delivering the same great taste, feel, and colour. So as long as you continue to brew it the way you always have, you’ll enjoy the classic heartwarming LYONS experience and taste.

To enlighten anyone looking to brew their new square tea bags in the perfect way for that quintessential LYONS experience and taste, the LYONS Tea Sommelier, Kurush Bharucha, has sent on some great tips:

‘Firstly, ensure your water is boiling while you steep your tea. Preheating your cup will help with this. Then make sure you use freshly boiled water, not re-boiled or the water-oxygen level will be off. Let it infuse for 2 minutes, any shorter and you won’t get all the goodies from the leaves, any longer and it will become bitter. Finally, avoid squeezing the tea bag and instead just remove it- otherwise you’ll release the tannins that also make your brew bitter.

‘Apart from that, just go forth and enjoy your tea in whatever way suits you.’

We know ‘We’re Square’

To perfectly dovetail with this transition to square tea bags, LYONS is launching its new ‘We’re Square’ campaign. This is a delightful declaration of LYONS’ wholesome, quaint and corny self- or, to put it plainly, its squareness. With campaign branding built around vintage tack and kitsch home-decor, the point of ‘We’re Square’ is to embrace any and all sensible, ‘milk, two sugars’ type people who feel unapologetically unhip, unadventurous, and 100% comfortable in themselves.

Spearheaded by a Square Tea Party yesterday in The Salt Cellar in Dublin, the campaign features OOH in Dublin Airport’s Skywalk, a branded newspaper for square hobbyists called the Square News, as well as Square Talk, an online chat show hosted by Michael Fry as he interviews niche enthusiasts.

This square tone of voice has always been there for LYONS, so it married perfectly with the new tea bags and feels like the right place for a tea brand to fit in the world. With so many brands trying to do slick collabs or spoken word performances, the campaign is just a reminder that, when it boils down to it, tea is supposed to be hot, not cool.

LYONS Tea's new look packs are on shelves nationwide from October with RRP pricing starting from €2.50 for the Lyons Original 40's and €4 for Lyons Original 80's.

For more information on LYONS Tea, visit and follow the square journey over on their new Instagram

Slán go fóill.


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