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Oktoberfest Beer Festival at ALDI

Oktoberfest Beer Festival hits ALDI stores from Thursday 21st September, just in time to stock up your beer selection for Oktoberfest!

Oktoberfest is the world's largest celebration of Bavarian culture – the area of Bavaria being the southeast corner of Germany and quite famous for beers. ALDI have a wide range of Ales, Lagers, IPA's and Pilsners along with range of delicious snacks, everything you need to host your own Oktoberfest at home.

ALDI's selection will include the recent IQFDA 2023 Gold award-winning DOT Brew Side Step IPA €2.49. ALDI also took home the title of Drinks Retailer of the Year 2023 at the Irish Quality Food and Drink Awards!

For a non-alcoholic beer option why not try the Roadworks Non-Alcoholic IPA €1.59 or opt for the newly launched Strana 0.0 €1.79 which hit stores 11th September.

See below for a range of Oktoberfest beers launching in stores from September 21st:

Brewdog Oktoberfest Lager €1.99 (330ml) 4.7% ABV

Bitburger Premium Pils €1.59 (330ml) 4.8% ABV

Body Board Gluten Free IPA €1.99 (440ml) 4.2% ABV

Back Pack American Pale Ale €1.99 (440ml) 4.6% ABV

DOT Brew Irish Red Ale €2.29 (440ml) 5.8% ABV

Lough Gill Festbier €2.29 (440ml) 5.8% ABV

DOT Brew Cyro Pop East Coast IPA €2.29 (440ml) 5.2% ABV

DOT Brew Kveik Pale €2.29 (440ml) 4.2% ABV

Whitewater Hoppel Hammer IPA €2.29 (440ml) 6% ABV

Rascals Brewing Yankee White IPA €2.49 (330ml) 5% ABV

DOT Brew Side Step IPA €2.49 (440ml) 5.8% ABV. From Dublin's DOT Brewing. Bright golden IPA with stone fruit and orange aromas.

Galway Hooker Sixty Knots IPA €2.49 (440ml) 5.5% ABV

See below for a range of beers available in 160 ALDI stores nationwide now:

Galahad 79 €0.99 (500ml) 2.5% ABV. Traditionally brewed French lager with reduced ABV.

Roadworks Non-Alcoholic IPA €1.59 (500ml) <0.5% ABV.

Strana 0.0 (440ml) €1.79 <0.5% ABV.

Dead Centre Lemon Radler €1.79 (330ml) 2.2% ABV. Brand new Radler from Dead Centre Brewing in Athlone, Co. Westmeath. A delicious blend of craft Irish lemonade and Irish craft blonde ale.

ALD IPA €1.99 (330ml) 4.5% ABV. ALDI’s exclusive collaboration with Brewdog.

Brown Bear Gluten Free Lager €1.99 (500m) 4.1% ABV. Winner of Silver Medal at the FreeFrom Food Awards 2022.

Sailor Sam Hazy IPA €1.99 (440ml) 5.5% ABV. Brewed by Dundalk Bay Brewery exclusively for ALDI. Winner of Bronze at Irish Quality Food and Drink Awards 2022.

Whistle Mountain IPA €1.99 (440ml) 5.5% ABV. Mountain Ale from Sligo’s Lough Gill Brewery. Smooth, soft, silky texture with a slight haze and low bitterness.

Birra Mapelli €2.39 (500ml) 4.6% ABV. Premium Italian lager.

Armagh Craft Cider Dry €2.49 (500ml) 4.5% ABV. Gold winner at Blas na hÉireann Awards 2022.

Roadworks Pale Ale €2.49 (500ml) 4.5% ABV. Won Gold at the World Beer Awards 2023, Silver at World Beer Awards 2020 and Bronze Medal at Global Beer Masters 2020.

Brown Bear Double IPA €2.96 (500ml) 7.5% ABV. Won Gold at the World Beer Awards 2023, 2-star Superior Taste Award at the ITI Awards 2021 and Silver at the World Beer Awards 2020.

Visit your local ALDI store to discover award-winning lagers, IPAs, stouts and more!

Slán go fóill


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