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Paul Flynn Launches Butter Boy: Collected Stories & Recipes

Butter Boy: Collected Stories & Recipes is the fifth cookbook by the chef, TV personality and Irish restaurateur Paul Flynn.

Published by boutique Irish publishing house Nine Bean Rows, Butter Boy is the complete collection of all 152 articles and over 450 recipes from Paul Flynn’s tenure as food writer for the Irish Times from three unusual years, November 2019 to October 2022, a time when cooking and mealtimes took on new meaning.

Paul says, “Having a cookery school has taught me that most people want simple, tasty food that doesn’t take hours to make. That’s what I concentrate on: easy techniques that even the most novice cook can master. The most important thing is not to be afraid. Turn down the heat and keep calm.”

The joy of this book comes from Paul's storytelling, whether he’s describing a moment in time, creating the ideal dish for a specific occasion, be it cooking for teenagers or hosting a family barbeque, or reminiscing on childhood food fads, with lots of laugh-out-loud moments along the way.

Paul’s passion for contemporary cooking while championing traditional Irish ingredients is apparent in his fun Turnip Tortilla and Posh Bacon and Cabbage or Steamed Mussels with Cidona, Curry Spice and Crème Fraîche.

The recipes and food are uncomplicated, seasonal and family-oriented. Readers can choose from recipes such as the autumnal-inspired Cider-Glazed Turnips with Crozier Blue and Chard, Crab Claws with Orange, Pomegranate and Rosemary Butter and Roast Butternut Squash with Sprouts and Parmesan Cream.

Springtime dishes include Lamb Chops with Sweet and Sour Onions and Raisins and Green and Perky Spuds. Summer recipes are inspired by Paul's travels. He pined for travel during the covid months but used cooking to take him to memories of trips past, like the Barbuto Kale Salad, Roast Pork Shoulder with Hoisin or My Tarte Flamiche.

Butter Boy will see readers and cooks through all seasons and all moods. The preface to each set of recipes will put you in the mindset of what makes each dish special to Paul. Even if you never cook any of the dishes, you’ll certainly enjoy the journey Paul takes his readers on.

Butter Boy: Collected Stories & Recipes (€40), published by Nine Bean Rows, is available from 14th September from and all good bookshops as well as independent retailers around Ireland.

Keep up to date with the latest news by following Paul Flynn on social at @paulflynnchef and @thetanneryrestaurant.

Slán go fóill.


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