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Plant-based Califia Farms Cold Brew Coffee: the perfect refreshing drink for a catch-up with Friends

Overdue a catch-up with your besties? According to plant-based Califia Farms Cold Brew Coffee, catching up over coffee is ranked as the top bonding experience shared with friends (51%), followed by taking a walk (46%) and having dinner out (43%). 

It comes as Califia Farms partners with singer Rachel Stevens and her best friend to show how a refreshing Cold Brew coffee can fuel a nourishing heart-to-heart this summer.

41% prefer to catch up in the comfort of their own homes over a restaurant or bar, while one in four (24%) believe a one-hour caffeine-fuelled catch-up is more valuable than an entire night out. 

Califia Farms Cold Brew coffee continues the brand’s plant-based mission, championing a future where plants replace dairy without compromising taste. Made with the highest quality ingredients from whole food plant sources, Califia Farms offers healthy and great-tasting plant-based alternatives. 

Califia Farms Cold Brew XX Espresso, Mocha and Caramel Oat 750ml products (RRP: €3.89) are available in all major supermarkets, including Dunnes Stores, SuperValu and Tesco, and convenience stores nationwide.  

  • XX Espresso Cold Brew Coffee: Smooth and velvety almond drink blends with a little XXtra of our 100% arabica coffee for a bold coffee with a sweeter, less acidic taste. In a convenient grab-and-go bottle, it’s the perfect plant-based pick-me-up. Coffee with a little XXtra.

  • Mocha Cold Brew Coffee: Velvety almond drink and real cocoa expertly blended with smooth arabica coffee. A perfect start to your day, afternoon pick-me-up, or base for a rich coffee cocktail. Always plant-based and always delicious.

  • Oat Caramel Cold Brew: Real indulgent caramel swirls with smooth oat drink and coffee made from 100% arabica beans. This is your new favourite treat for any time of the day, ready to pour straight from the fridge. 100% plant-based and oh so easy to love.

To explore the full range of products and recipes, head to

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