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Stack, Pour and Indulge this Pancake Tuesday with ALDI

Don’t let Pancake Tuesday fall flat! Head to your nearest ALDI store now to avail of flipping amazing deals across all pancake essentials, including limited edition Specialbuys and amazing value toppings.

ALDI is home to everything you need for the perfect Pancake Tuesday. From February 4th, customers can pick up limited edition Specialbuys to take their pancake making to the next level. Stock up on ALDI’s selection of Pancake Accessories €3.49 including a pancake bottle, batter dispenser and pancake turner. Flip pancakes to your heart’s content with the 28cm Frying Pan €6.99.

Better yet, make multiple pancakes at once with the Assorted Pancake Pan €12.99, available in Smiley Faces Pan, Mini Pancake Pan, Large Crepe Pan or Animal Pan.

For a quick and easy pancake fix, check out ALDI’s range of pre-made mixes including Perfect Pancake Mix €2 and Gluten Free Pancake Mix €3.50.

Everyone knows Pancake Tuesday is all about the toppings. ALDI is top of the class when it comes to delicious toppings, including fruit, spreads and more. Go for a classic pancake topped with Nature’s Pick Lemons €0.99 and The Pantry Granulated Sugar €1.75.

Enjoy pancakes slathered in Nutoka Hazelnut Chocolate Spread €1.25 and served with Nature’s Pick Bananas €2.15 or try out a Canadian inspired stack with Louis’ Organic Maple Syrup €3.99. Whatever way you eat yours, you’ll find exactly what you need in ALDI!

This year, ALDI is proud to share its recipe for Classic Pancakes. Using core ALDI ingredients, customers can whip up pancakes for four for just 72c. That works out at 18c a pop, proof that ALDI won’t be battered when it comes to value!

ALDI’s Classic Pancakes


• 100g The Pantry Plain Flour

• 1 Healy’s Farm Medium Egg

• 300ml Clonbawn Semi Skimmed Milk

• Pinch of Ready, Set…Cook! Salt


1. Beat the egg into the milk along with the salt.

2. Sift the flour into a bowl, make a well in the centre of the flour and slowly whisk in the milk and egg mixture until smooth.

3. Allow to settle for 20 minutes.

4. Heat a little oil or butter in a medium frying pan.

5. Pour enough batter in just to cover the base, cook on a medium heat for 30 seconds until browned, flip and cook the other side.

6. Repeat until all of the batter is used.

7. The batter will keep cling filmed in the fridge for 2 days, just whisk before using.

8. The pancakes can be made in advance, kept in the fridge for 2 days and reheated in a warm oven, wrapped in tin foil.

More Pancake recipes here


See below for a full range of Pancake Tuesday essentials available now in 161 ALDI stores nationwide:

Nature’s Pick Lemons €0.99 (3 Pack)

Clonbawn Irish Skimmed Milk €1.05 (1L)

Nutoka Hazelnut Chocolate Spread €1.25 (400g)

The Pantry Plain Flour €1.59 (2kg)

The Pantry Granulated Sugar €1.75 (1kg)

Clonbawn Irish Freshly Whipped Cream €1.79 (350ml)

Healy’s Medium Free-Range Eggs €1.95 (6 Pack)

Four Seasons Blueberries €1.99 (400g)

Healy’s Honey Bear €1.99 (350g)

Perfect Pancake Mix €2.00 (500g)

Nature’s Pick Bananas €2.15 (6 Pack)

Flour Tub €2.50 (1kg)

Pancake Accessories €3.49 each/2 Pack Choose from Pancake Bottle, Batter Dispenser, Pancake Turner, Spatula Set, Flamingo Ring, Lemon Squeeze or Unicorn and Flamingo Shapes.

Gluten Free Pancake Mix €3.50 (175g)

Pancake Shaker €3.50 (100g/250g)

Louis’ Organic Maple Syrup €3.50 (300g/250g)

Measuring Jugs €3.99 3 pack non-slip measuring jugs.

Terry Tea Towels €4.99 (5 Pack) 100% cotton. Available in blue, black, navy, red or lilac.

28cm Frying Pan €6.99 Dishwasher safe. Even heat distribution. BPA Free. PFOA Free. Suitable for all hob types, including induction. Heat-resistant handle.

Assorted Pancake Pan €12.99 Non-stick coating. Choose from Smiley Faces Pan, Mini Pancake Pan, Large Crepe Pan or Animal Pan.

Available in 161 ALDI stores nationwide.

Slán go fóill.


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