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Wine Highlight: 'Travel the World' Wine tasting

This week I had the privilege of getting to sample some of Aldi’s Summer Wine range, which launched on Monday. These are part of the 'Travel the World' selection, which brings their wine range to now represent 11 Countries!

With the liklihood of none of us getting to Travel the World this Summer, at least we can hope for some beautiful summer days ahead at home, giving us the chance to travel through the medium of wine!⠀

These are the wines I got to try in an online tasting with the legendary Tom Doorley.. they are Tom’s picks and most certainly worthy of checking out yourself, don't let the low prices fool ya!⠀

Vinho Verde Rosé - €7.99⠀

From Northern Portugal, relatively cool and very green. Plenty of freshness and zest. Not 100% dry⠀

Estevez Sauvignon Blanc - €7.99⠀

Chile’s most planted grape is Sauvignon Blanc. This was my favourite by far, I can still taste gooseberry!⠀

Baron Amarillo Albarino - €9.99⠀

From Northern Spain, by the sea so a touch of salt on the palate is maybe not a coincidence. Dry, crisp, peachy.⠀

Rosso Terre di Chieti - €7.49⠀

Italian blend of Sangiovese and other grapes from the Abruzzo. Lush fruit, stylish.⠀

Coteaux de Beziers - €6.99⠀

A Bordeaux style blend from much further south of France with tons of fruit. Blackcurrant and chocolate.⠀

Cambala Pinotage – €6.99⠀

South Africa’s very own grape here delivering oodles of raspberry and blackberry fruit with a touch of dark chocolate and herbs.⠀

Big thanks to Aldi & PresencePR for inviting me along to try these bottles. More information on these awesome wines on my previous post.

Slán go fóill,


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