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Holland & Barrett reveal it's Top 5 Health Food Trends for Summer 2024

Leading health and wellness retailer, Holland & Barrett, continues to delve deep into the ever-evolving world of wellness trends to provide invaluable insights to make wellness a way of life for everyone. This summer, the renowned health food retailer anticipates an increased demand for natural energy alternatives, enhanced cognitive care, and revitalised hydration solutions among health-conscious consumers.  

Summer 2024 is poised to introduce a profound shift in how individuals approach their well-being journey. Hot topics including brain training, energy awareness, inside-out skincare and much more are predicted in H&B’s Top 5 Health Food trends reshaping the wellness landscape:

1. Natural Energy:

Raising energy IQ and understanding more about what contributes to feelings of fatigue is empowering consumers to make smarter choices. Holland & Barrett’s report highlights nootropics, natural caffeine sources, and Mango Leaf, AKA Zynamite, as ways for consumers to master mental alertness and cognition. Coffee is still the go-to for customers wanting to support their energy levels, however solutions which incorporate food and supplements to further enhance energy levels are on the rise.

2. Finessed focus:

Different and new ways in which consumers can protect and enhance minds, memory and attention have shifted into sharp focus. Berries and mushrooms that support brain cognition are emerging as trends, with fungi options such as Turkey Tail and Tremella taking the spotlight this summer.

Consumers are reaching for wild blueberries, as well as mixing and matching brain food supplements with nootropics and botanicals, Gingko, Biloba and Maca, for a personalised plan to power up their mind.

3. Hydro Hacks:

The wonders of water are back in the spotlight with added benefits for the body and mind. On a mission to help busy people prioritise optimum hydration, exciting new hydro hacks are luring consumers away from sugary soft drinks and driving the conversation around the importance of staying hydrated.

H&B predicts consumers will turn to water with added benefits, choosing options with electrolytes after a hard workout or added collagen to support skin’s elasticity. Consumers are also welcoming ‘Micro-Drinking’, by topping up their water consumption in the form of edible drops, sachets and gummies.

4. Inside-out Beauty:

Beauty regimes are going beyond the surface of the skin, the body’s largest organ. 2024 will mark the year that edible skincare goes mainstream and diet plays an even bigger role in skincare routines. Skin-gredients in the hot seat are Mitoheal, Astaxanthin and Superoxide Dismutase (melon extracts).

Holland & Barrett’s predicted inside-out skincare solutions include:  

  • · Collagen, supporting the firmness and elasticity in the skin, will be the hero ingredient in protein beauty bars hitting the high streets.  

  • · Microbiome balancing skincare, products with added friendly bacteria, aim to strengthen the ecosystem for optimal skin health.  

  • · Bone broth, rich in calcium, is going mainstream as more consumers add it to their diet.

  • 5. New wave ageing:

Another trend highlighted by H&B centres on innovative anti-aging solutions, aimed at enhancing quality of life. Companies are shifting towards using precise data and genetics to understand the impact of specific lifestyle choices. An increased focus is seen on ingredients such as nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) and taurine, due to their roles within energy production and muscle function, as well as wellness patches that actively absorb ingredients directly through the skin to target pressure, sleep and relaxation and energy levels.

As the health and wellness landscape evolves, Holland & Barrett remains committed to leading the charge in identifying and championing transformative health food trends. Empowering individuals to make informed choices, customers can discover the relaunch of its entire food range with Food that Loves You Back, marking the biggest transformation of its food category to date. Available in-store and online now, the all-new delicious food range is bursting with nutritional benefits and proudly features products from 10 new Irish food suppliers.

Holland & Barrett has relaunched it's entire food range with Food that Loves You Back, marking the biggest transformation of it's food category to date.

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