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Jedward take over Subway Swords handing out free Big Breakwich subs from the new Subway® Series menu

Jedward took over a Subway® restaurant in Swords, Co. Dublin yesterday and gave customers a ‘Jepic’ surprise as they handed out free Big Breakwich subs from the new Subway® Series menu.

The dynamic duo flattened their hair and donned hair nets and gloves as they stepped behind the counter to learn the tricks of the trade when it comes to being a Subway® Sandwich Artist.

While it was more intricate than they thought it would be, Jedward created 50 Big Breakwich subs together with the Sandwich Artists, which were then passed out to delighted Subway® customers for free.

The Big Breakwich is Subway®’s take on an iconic delicacy, the breakfast roll. The Big Breakwich can be enjoyed all day, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This mouth-watering Sub contains streaky bacon and a Lincolnshire sausage patty, accompanied by crispy hash browns, poached eggs, double American-style cheese, and ketchup.

The Big Breakwich is part of the new Subway® Series menu. Subway® worked with top chefs to create 15 all-new signature Subs, Submelts, Wraps and Salads on the Series menu. There are now two ways to Subway®, and you can continue to ‘create your own’ with your favourite combination of ingredients.

For those who just can’t decide what to add to their Sub, Series offers a simple and speedy way to order a range of super tasty Subway® creations - revolutionising the ordering experience both in restaurants and online - and is available at all 130 restaurants across Ireland.

Slán go fóill.


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