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Fill your freezer with ALDI’s fabulous, fuss-free Frozen Favourites

The best things in life are free…zing!

At ALDI, you will find a fantastic range of frozen food suitable for parties, special occasions and, yes, lazy summer dinners! Whether you’re hosting friends, craving a delicious dessert or simply want to have healthy snacks on standby, head to your nearest store to discover the tasty, fuss-free treats awaiting you in the frozen aisle.

It’s not a party without party snacks! Pop into your local ALDI and discover the wide array of crowd-pleasing nibbles on offer. Serve up an amazing Asian-inspired spread with 12 Chicken Gyoza €2.49 and 6 Pack Bao Buns €2.49. Keep it cheesy with 12 Pack Cheese Bites €2.49, available in Garlic & Herb, Green Jalapeño or Nacho.

Impress your guests with Halloumi Style Fries €2.49, the perfect accompaniment to any summer feast.

Skip the chipper and whip up a fish and chip supper for the whole family at home with Crispy Skin On Fries €2.99 and Specially Selected Chip Shop Sourdough Breaded Cod Fillets €5.49.

For vegans, vegetarians or those wishing to dip their toe into the plant-based lifestyle, ALDI is also home to marvellous meat-free alternatives, including 2 Pack No Chicken Kievs €2.29 and 2 Pack No Fish Fillets €2.79 - perfect for simple, stress-free midweek dinners.

Who’s for dessert? Satisfy your sweet tooth with ALDI’s selection of tempting desserts, including indulgent ice-cream, refreshing ice lollies, and irresistible cake. Cool down in the summer heat with fruit-flavoured Specially Selected Ice Lollies €1.99, available in mouthwatering Valencia Orange, Scottish Raspberry or Pink Lemonade. Stock your freezer with summer-ready Mini Ice Cream Cones €2.79. Mark special occasions big and small with wonderfully decadent American Cheesecakes €2.99.

Plus, ALDI is proud to stock a vast range of frozen fruit and vegetables. Avoid food waste and stock up on delicious fruit and vegetables that can be kept in the freezer for longer.

Healthy, convenient and bursting with nutrients, they’re ideal for quick midweek meals and getting your five a day. Add some veggie goodness to your meal with Microwave Vegetable Medley €1.59 and Premium Steam Bag Vegetables €1.79. Start your day off right and make your own smoothie with the help of Smoothie Mix €1.95. Pimp up your porridge or build your very own Instagram-inspired açai bowl with the Four Berry Medley €3.99.

Snacks, desserts, and healthy fruit & vegetables at prices that will freeze you in your tracks? You’ll find it all in the frozen aisle at your local ALDI store.

See below for a full list of frozen food products available now in ALDI stores nationwide

• Super Cubes €0.99 (1kg)

• Super Sweet Sweetcorn €1.19

• Super Sweet Mini Corn Cobs €1.29 (750g)

• Poppin’ Chicken €1.35 (210g) Choose from Southern Fried or Breaded.

• Vegetarian Lattices €1.49 Choose from Spinach, Leek & Cheddar, Red Onion & Goat’s Cheese or Camembert & Cranberry.

• 6 Pack Large Spring Rolls €1.69 Choose from Chicken & Vegetable or Vegetable.

• Curly Fries €1.59 (650g)

° Microwave Green Veg Medley €1.59 (350g)

• Microwave Mixed Vegetables Medley €1.59 (350g)

• Microwave Vegetable Medley €1.59 (350g)

• Vegan Sausage Rolls/Bakes €1.69 Choose from No Pork Sausage Rolls, No Beef Pasties or Festive Bakes.

• 4 Pack Spicy Bean Burgers €1.79 (454g)

• Premium Steam Bag Vegetables €1.79 (4 x160g) Choose from Carrot, Cauliflower & Broccoli, Carrot, Broccoli & Sweetcorn or Carrot, Peas & Sweetcorn.

• Racer Ice Cream Bars €1.79 (4 x 53ml)

Titan Ice Cream Bars €1.79 (4 x 42g)

Smoothie Mix €1.95 (500g) Choose from Strawberry & Banana, Exotic, Green or Breakfast Topper.

• 12 Pack Mini Duck Spring Rolls €1.99 (216g)

• Salt and Pepper Fries €1.99 (800g)

• Specially Selected Ice Lollies €1.99 Choose from Valencia Orange, Scottish Raspberry or Pink Lemonade.

• Tropico Fruit Lollies €1.99 (3 x 100ml) Choose from Exotic or Mixed Berry.

• Blueberries €2.29 (400g)

• 12 Chicken Gyoza €2.49 (240g)

• 12 Duck & Hoisin Gyoza €2.49 (240g)

• 12 Pack Garlic & Herb Cheese Bites €2.49 (216g)

• 12 Pack Nacho Cheese Bites €2.49 (240g)

• 14 Pack Green Jalapeño Cheese Bites €2.49 (280g)

• 6 Pack Bao Buns €2.49 (270g) Choose from Chicken, Duck or Vegetable.

• Gastro Chicken Chunks €2.49 (356g) Choose from Southern Style, Battered or Hot & Spicy.

• Halloumi Style Fries €2.49 (170g)

• Irish Cocktail Sausages €2.49 (750g)

• Irish Jumbo Sausages €2.49 (750g)

• Jumbo King Prawns €2.49 (170g) Choose from Raw or Cooked & Peeled.

• Specially Selected Chunky Potato Wedges €2.49 (1kg)

• 2 Pack No Chicken Kievs €2.79

• 2 Pack No Fish Fillets €2.79

• Mini Ice Cream Cones €2.79 (12 x 28ml) Choose from Vanilla or Chocolate.

• American Cheesecake €2.99 (450g) Choose from New York Cheesecake, Salted Caramel Cheesecake or Chocolate Chip Muffin Cheesecake.

• Chicken Stripes with Garlic Mayo Dip €2.99 (225g)

• Lemon Meringue Pie €2.99 (475g)

• Strawberry Eton Mess €2.99 (415g)

• Marinated Prawns €2.99 (200g) Choose from Red Thai Chilli, Garlic & Herb or Coconut, Chilli & LIme.

• Crispy Skin On Fries €2.99 (1kg)

• Family Favourites Multipack €3.19 (15 x 53ml)

• Specially Selected Chunky Fish Fingers €3.29 (400g)

• Atlantic Large Prawns €3.49 (275g)

• Four Berry Medley €3.99 (1kg)

• Specially Selected Chip Shop Sourdough Breaded Cod Fillets €5.49 (460g)

• Chicken Goujons €6.39 (800g)

Available in 161 ALDI stores nationwide.

Commencing March 25, 2024, new ALDI opening hours will be;

• 8am - 10pm Monday to Saturday

• 9am - 9pm Sunday and Bank Holidays (no change)

Slán go fóill.


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